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Studio Java shirts are in!

30 Sep

We have 2 new shirt designs at our shop! Ryan is amazing at designing these shirts. He has been working like mad over the past few weeks on a bunch of new designs, so stay tuned for those as well! We have these 2 below in stock now, so stop by & pick yours up. Or if you don’t live here in Q-town, we’d be happy to ship you one…just leave me a comment, and I’ll get in touch with you to work out the details. 


coffee stain

coffee stain $15


coffee is good

coffee is good $15


Happy Birthday Dad!

30 Sep

Today is my Dad’s birthday. My Dad is awesome and I feel so blessed to have him. He is fun, easy to talk to, understanding, willing to help however needed, loves me no matter what, very wise, a hard-worker, etc, etc, etc! I love you Dad!!!

Here are a few of my favorite pics of him that I’d like to share…


He’s a great carpenter…he built the beautiful baby bed that we used for Addison, and now Kamryn.

Here are a few shots after running that I love…one is after a ten miler last year on his bday and the other is me, him & my sister after finishing the San Francisco 1/2 marathon! I hope to be as in-shape as he his, when I’m his age!


My girls LOVE their Papaw…here are some really sweet pics…


Hope you have a good one Dad! Us Dixon’s love you!  🙂


monday at the dixon house

29 Sep

today was a good day….nothing out of the ordinary, just good. i worked the shop this morning and got to hang out with jen for a little while. she’s home from work this whole week, which is cool. we always enjoy hanging out w/her while she’s here. then, after we closed up, ryan & i & the girls headed to our bakery where we get our scones & cinnamon rolls for the shop (which are bomb by the way). we ate lunch there and had snickerdoodle cookies…can’t make a trip to the bakery without cookies! came home, girls took a nap while ryan & i did some work. then, we opened back up for happy hour & half at the shop. now we are home, sitting on our porch enjoying the nice weather while the girls play. days like this just remind me of how blessed we are to be able to spend this much time together as a family…its awesome. leftover lasagna & pesto bread for dinner…yum! & monday night football…yeah! here are a few pics of the girls from today… 

addi has named this puppy “peppa”

kamryn is teething like crazy right now…runny nose, drooling, etc. but she’s still smiley!


now that kam is getting more active, they play together…which is adorable!

however, they have already officially started “fighting” over toys and sippy cups…



29 Sep

Final Score: Washington 26, Dallas 24

Sweet action!

After the game, before our run…Kam is cheering!

one week from today…

27 Sep

one week from today, ryan & i will be jammin out to anberlin in concert in the big-D!!!

and b/w now & then we will…

-watch the redskins beat the cowboys sunday afternoon

-run ten miles sunday evening

-kick-off happy hour & half at our shop monday

-celebrate my dad’s bday tuesday

-celebrate my sister’s bday thursday

busy, but fun week ahead!  and then, to top it off…saturday night=date night in dallas with my man and one of my favorite bands. WOOHOO! so excited. 🙂

a spin on cookie recipe

25 Sep

yesterday, i made gooey cinnamon spice cookies with this recipe….i used spice cake instead & chocolate & OH MY…what a tasty treat! i added some cinnamon in w/the powdered sugar as a topping. great cookies for the fall! we have also tried this same recipe w/lemon cake, yellow cake, and just adding candy to the chocolate cake mix (like dark chocolate m&m’s, reese’s pieces, white chocolate chips, etc).  these are the BEST cookies ever.  seriously. and with so many different ways to make them, we never get tired of them!

library card, pumpkins, meat market, and happy hour & a half

24 Sep

Library card:

So yesterday afternoon, we ventured out to the good ol’ Quitman Public Library & I got a library card. Addi was SO very excited. As soon as she saw the children’s book area w/all the stuffed animals, puzzles, little rocking chairs & bean bags, and of course books…she ran over, hollering, smiling, and giddy. We stayed for about twenty minutes or so and let her & Kam play while I checked out a few books. We are going to try and make this a weekly ritual! We checked out one book for Addi about cats which turned out to be a little psycho, I must say….someone must have been on something when they wrote that book.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love Fall!  The colors, the scents, the weather, etc. So to get into the season, I bought a few pumpkin decorations for our shop as well as a pumpkin spice candle. Yeah!!! Ryan thinks its a waste of money, but I love to decorate.  🙂 Now, if only the weather would get cooler again…

Meat market:

A new meat market opened in the same shopping center our shop is located in. Ryan went in last weekend to check out their steaks. We got a couple to grill on Saturday night and they were awesome! How blessed am I to be married to such a grill master? Ryan is a great cook…not to mention how cute he is while he’s grilling! I made stuffed peppers to go along side our steaks and they weren’t too shabby either.

Happy hour & a half:

Starting Monday at Studio Java, we will re-open at 3:30 in the afternoons and stay open until 5, Monday through Friday…in addition to our morning hours. The kids in town have always wanted us to be open after school, so we are finally going to do it! So come in & hang out with us during that time & receive 50 cents off ANY cold drink. Plus, we have free wifi for those of you that want to bring your laptops. 

tonight’s running club meeting

22 Sep

the QRC met tonight and, as always, it was an encouragement! we are meeting twice a month for the next couple of months as we coordinate the upcoming cents 4 sophie 5k. we already have many sponsors (good job jessica!) and things are rolling right along! as i said in an earlier post, we have a goal to raise $10,000 for the asmussen family to help with one week of medical expenses & treatment for sweet little sophie. its great to be part of a group of people that want to use a hobby, such as running, to help someone who has a great need within our community. the run is set for saturday morning, november 8th and we will be hard at work over the next 6 weeks preparing & raising money! what a worthy cause. if you want to register or donate, come see me at the shop…or visit the QRC webpage here for more details! oh, and ryan has designed a sweet shirt for the race…even if you can’t run/walk in the event, you can purchase a shirt for a minimum donation of $15.

redskins won!

21 Sep

sundays are awesome. today, i cooked pancakes & bacon. ryan made us some lattes and we ate breakfast as a family. then church, then lunch at grandma & papaw’s, then the redskins game. my mom took this pic in their front yard after lunch today. despite living in the midst of cowboy territory, our redskin roots remain strong. next weekend is THE game…the skins vs. the cowgirls. its like a war at my parents’ house on this game day and the day tech plays texas…which btw, tech whooped up yesterday. competition is fierce b/w us siblings! 🙂

later this evening, ryan & i will embark on our long run for the weekend…our goal today is 8 miles. earlier this week, we ran 6 together with no ipods and it was great! i always listen to music when i run…its a must for me. but i have to say, that taking a break from it and just talking to my hubby while we ran was a nice change of pace. we did a lot of planning for our business and discussed a lot of ideas we have for upcoming events and promotions. very productive! so i look forward to our run tonight…and i hope to share some of our ideas and future happenings with our shop on here soon. now, the girls are napping, so i’m gonna try to rest up a little while i have the chance! i hope everyone has a great week.

change of plans & italy on the lake

19 Sep

well, we didn’t make it to lubbock this weekend after all. kamryn hasn’t been feeling well the last few days and ryan is working this weekend, so we decided to stay home. i’m SO sad to miss my friend ashley’s baby shower, but we plan to head up that way soon after their baby grace arrives! i hope you get tons of stuff tomorrow ash…i wish i could be there! so…tonight, we dropped the girls off with grandma for a couple of hours and had a date night. it was great! very relaxing. we have found this cute little italian place at lake hawkins about twenty minutes from our house. taste of italy on the lake. we went there once a couple of weeks ago with my sis jen. its awesome food & great atmosphere. we sat out on the patio tonight and enjoyed a tasty pizza with a great view. its neat because this place is seriously in the middle of nowhere, nestled away on a small lake. the owners are actually from italy and the cheesecake is amazing. i love to find unique places like this one!