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finding the time to run

31 Mar

our schedules are booked up nowadays w/the new jobs, leaving little to no time to run, which will be a challenge. for example, today…we leave the house early to head to lindale to drop the girls off at school (*kamryn in tears), then head to tyler…i drop ryan off at his work and then head to work myself . off at 5, head back to lindale to pick up my sweethearts (*kamryn in tears), then back home, cook dinner, eat, head to jeff’s baseball game, go to grocery store, then home, girls’ baths & to bed, clean up kitchen, do dishes, get the girls’ stuff ready for school tomorrow, sit down to check email & blog=9:30. yikes!!! oh when oh when shall i find time to run??? SO, i think what we will have to do is move the treadmill that is at my parent’s house back over to our house so that we can fit in a run either EARLY morning (barf) or LATE at night (yuck). then, our longer runs will have to be over the weekends. this new schedule has been quite an adjustment for our whole family, but things are going really well!!! just gotta fit in running into the new arrangement…can’t start slacking – still have the san fran 1/2 to prepare for coming up at the end of july. 

 *yes, kamryn is having a hard time adjusting to going to school. poor baby cries when i leave her, cries when i pick her up. PLEASE pray that she will begin to enjoy it and have fun while she’s there…oh how it would help this momma’s heart not hurt so much every morning when i head to work!!! here’s a pic from the weekend of her enjoying grandma’s chili…



dinner tonight

28 Mar


i used this rachael ray recipe for our steaks tonight…pretty tasty! i seared them in a cast-iron skillet and then baked them for about twenty minutes. i caramelized an onion to top the steak with. we also had ranch potatoes (recipe from my mom) & roasted green beans & cherry tomatoes. ranch potatoes: cut up 3 or 4 russet potatoes and place on a cookie sheet. sprinkle with a little evoo, a ranch seasoning packet, salt & pepper…bake at 425 for about 45 minutes or so until cooked through. i liked to put it on broil for a few minutes at the end to toast them up  & give them a little crunch. roasted green beans & cherry tomatoes: cut ends off fresh green beans. put them along w/the cherry tomatoes on a cookie sheet. sprinkle w/evoo, veggie grill seasoning, salt & pepper. bake at 425 for about 20-30 minutes until tomatoes burst. super easy recipes!!!

rain, rain go away

25 Mar


we’ve made it!

25 Mar

well, we have officially made it through two days of work & the girls going to school! i’m off today and tomorrow, then work again on friday. from now until may, my work schedule will be kind of random. some weeks i will work all week and others will just be three or four days. but in may, i’ll be officially full-time. its a blessing to have a few days off during the week at first, so the girls aren’t at school every day…kind of easier to transition that way. everything is going great so far! we are really liking the education center we picked for addi & kam. addi absolutely loves it! she is so hyper and talkative when we pick her up…its a hoot. kam is adjusting…she has never been away from us, so she is struggling a little with it. but overall, they are both doing awesome, which makes it easier on us for sure! the people there are great. i’m enjoying my new job…the first few days are always the hardest because you feel as though your brain will explode with all the new stuff you learn! but the people seem very nice and i think it will be great. i do have to say that we are all beat! getting up early again has been a challenge. neither ryan or i are morning people…so its quite the adjustment! but its all good and we are thankful and excited about our new opportunities. we’ll all adjust to this new life soon! 🙂 say a little prayer for my sweet baby kamryn that she will adapt quickly and start to have fun like her sister does while at school.

trail running and shirt memories

22 Mar

this evening, we went running at the mineola nature trail…went 8 miles. it was tough, but we did it! i enjoyed the change of scenery…its beautiful out there & so peaceful. surrounded by tall trees, ponds, and gorgeous views…its a neat place. i was a little nervous that i’d see a crocodile or snake, but thankfully we never did! if you live in east texas, you should definitely go check it out. while getting ready for our run, i threw on a race shirt that i got from last summer’s too hot to handle race in dallas and it made me think about something…shirts really do bring back a lot of memories and if you are like me, you have a ton of t-shirts that mean something special. i have shirts from bands i like or have seen in concert, mission trips i’ve gone on, races i’ve done, trips i’ve taken, restaurants i love (chuys), studio java shirts, events i’ve attended, etc. its neat to look through my collection of shirts in my closet to pick out one to wear and recall fond memories! one particular shirt that always brings a smile to my face says “fusion” on the front…some of you will know which shirt i’m talking about & will agree!

i heart saturdays

21 Mar

today was such a good day! we had pancakes (or pantycakes as addi calls them) for breakfast. ryan mowed the yard while the girls & i played outside enjoying the beautiful sunlight. we went & visited grandma & papaw for a little bit…they were having a very successful garage sale. then, while the girls napped, i cleaned out & began to better organize our closet. moving out winter clothes, to make more room…got rid of some things i never wear…organized shoes, etc. tonight, we had fajitas for dinner…ryan cooked all of it & it was awesome! we had chicken, pulled pork, onions & bell peppers, ranchero beans, creamy jalapeno, homeade salsa and chips. we also had double doozies for dessert….two mini chocolate chip cookies w/frosting in the middle…YUM. um, yeah…running 8 miles tomorrow to make up for all of this! now, the girls are peacefully sleeping and we are chilling about to watch a movie. relaxing day…i love saturdays! and i love this awesome spring weather. trying to relax as much as possible before the craziness begins next week w/both of us working again, the girls at school, early mornings, late nights, etc!

Momma got a job!

20 Mar

I just accepted an offer for a job with Coffee City USA in Tyler! How ironic is that? We used to get all of our supplies for Studio Java there. They are a roasting company that also sales wholesale coffee, supplies, equipment, and gifts to specialty mom & pop coffee shops around the country. How cool! I’ll be doing a variety of things for them including sales, marketing, customer service, etc. I’m pumped and excited to have this opportunity. I start on Monday. A few perks of this job (haha, pardon the pun but I had to do it)…

-I’ll be surrounded by the smell of coffee daily and endless access to all the coffee I want to drink…and I’m not talking Folgers! 🙂

-I get to wear whatever I want to work…jeans & a tee if I so choose.

-The people there seem really awesome & I look forward to getting to know & work with them.

-I get to help Mom & Pop coffee shops around the country better their business!!! I love that idea.

-I’ll get to learn more about the coffee industry from roasting to machinery to printing labels.

-I’ll get to commute daily with my handsome hubby & eat lunch w/him!

Also, I found a learning center that is literally right on the way to Tyler in Lindale…and it had openings for BOTH girls, which is rare! We are getting them signed up today. Its neat because they follow a curriculum to help the kids learn numbers, shapes, colors, letters etc. More than just a daycare & just babysitting…which I am thrilled about. Pray for my girls next week as they start here…I hope they love it! Pray for me too…it will be hard on me to leave them & adjust to that again.

Update on Ryan’s job…his first week has gone really well! He’s just learning the ropes and training. By next week, he’ll be running the show I’m sure! He’s going to do awesome in this new role and from what it sounds like, it will be an awesome mission field for him too. 

I am thankful for God’s provisions and for the opportunities he’s opened up for us. We greatly appreciate all of the prayers and support from our wonderful family & friends!

date night tonight!

19 Mar

i am so excited…ryan & i are going on a date tonight! its been a while, so i’m really looking forward to spending some alone time out with my man. we are headed here in winnsboro and i can not wait to try out their food! the pics on their site look amazing.

baby mitch, baseball, & new cheesecake recipe

17 Mar

today was a busy day for us dixon girls! we went to sulphur springs to visit baby mitch this morning. christi is doing well and mitch is just adorable! here is a pic of him at one week old…


after lunch and a nap, we headed to uncle jeff’s baseball game. the girls LOVED it! of course, they always love being outside. we had fun, but had to leave early b/c the sun was blaring and i was getting paranoid that they were getting burned. 


tonight, after ryan gets home, we are headed over to staci & aaron’s for dinner. looking forward to hanging out w/the vander’s! i made a tasty double chocolate cheesecake to take for dessert. the recipe actually makes 2 pies so we were able to try it first, which is good since its a new recipe and all. it was so simple and very rich & good. addi & kam love it and ryan’s favorite dessert is cheesecake…so i think i’ll keep this recipe in my book to use again! here’s the recipe for you…


double chocolate cheesecake

what you need: 2 oreo pie crusts, 4 (8oz) pkg’s of cream cheese softened, 1 cup sugar, 2 tbsp. flour,  1 tsp. vanilla, 1 pkg (12 ounce) semi-sweet chocolate chips melted & cooled, and 4 eggs

beat cream cheese, sugar, flour & vanilla w/mixer until blended. add chocolate; mix well. add eggs, 1 at a time (or 1 at THE time if you are paula deen), mixing on low after each just until blended. pour mixture into crusts. bake at 325 degrees for about an hour until firm in the middle. let cool and then fridge for several hours before serving. tasty!

snack time

17 Mar

does it get any cuter? i mean really.