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A Case of the Mondays.

9 Aug

Today was kind of an interesting Monday.

First let me give you some background information. Yesterday afternoon, Kam woke up from her nap saying her leg was hurting her. She was crying huge tears and asking to put ice on her leg. They think ice packs heal everything, you know. So she sat on the couch, most of the night holding a bag of frozen corn on her thigh. We thought that maybe she had run into something, hit her leg on the car door, or knocked her knee on the wall or something. She is pretty clumsy. I gave her some Tylenol because I also think she’s cutting a back tooth. She went to bed, but woke up off and on all….night….long. Felt like we were back in the newborn phase again! Poor baby. Ryan and I were starting to be more and more concerned. Hard to tell at this point if her leg was bothering her still, or if it was her teething. When one of us would pick her up to comfort her, she would squirm as though it hurt.

So, this morning she seemed alright. She kept grabbing the back of her leg or pointing to her inner thigh and was still walking with a very small limp. When I asked her what hurt, she wouldn’t respond. No fever, eating normally, smiling. So, I took her to school, as usual but filled her teachers in on what was going on and asked them to let me know if they noticed her moving strangely or acting like she was in pain. I called about 9:30 and they said she seemed OK, wasn’t walking around much and was kind of clingy. But then, around 10, they called me back. Said that she started crying when she went potty and said she didn’t want to get off the potty because it hurt. ???

So, I immediately called the doctor & tried to get an appointment. Now I’m thinking its a urinary tract infection or she’s constipated or her leg is seriously hurting her…and I’m getting very concerned. I take her straight to the doctor’s office and she examines her, watches her walk, etc. The doc was certain that she had what is called toxic synovitis in her hip. What? Sounds scary, right? She sent us over to the hospital to get a blood test done to rule out anything more severe than this toxic something-or-another. She said that if one of her counts in her blood was high, it could be something more serious and we’d have to go visit the orthopedic surgeon. Um, excuse me?!! By this point, I’m nearly in tears. Being that I’m already a pretty emotional person, and in light of recent events – extremely emotional, I was trying hard to hold it together. I asked the doc if I should be stressed and if I should cry…to which she answered no. What else was she supposed to say to that question? She assured me that she didn’t really think it was serious, it was simply a precautionary measure. Breathe in, breathe out.

So, I call Ryan and he meets us to go to the hospital. We get the blood work done – Kam was a champ. Never cried, just said “ouch” when they pricked her, and was such a big girl! We were proud. We got the results back and her count was low, it was definitely this toxic hip thingy, which apparently is very common and treated with Motrin. Thank you Lord! Oh, and I forgot to mention – she has an ear infection too. My poor baby! So, most likely what happened is that she has an ear infection and the infection got in her hip, causing pain. Ryan took her to the bakery to get a cookie this afternoon as a treat…she picked out the gingerbread girl.

So, I tell you this story for two reasons. One, pray that my baby girl heals quickly…it breaks my heart seeing her pain. Second, all you moms out there – if your child says their leg hurts & they’ve recently had a cold/infection – it very well could be their hip. I had never heard of this before! I’ve always thought that one of the hardest things about parenting (thus far) is when something is wrong with your baby and they don’t know how to tell you and you don’t know how to help them.

Now, getting ready for bed to see what Tuesday brings…


How we conquered pappy.

28 Feb

Little Kamryn has always loved her pacifier, also known as pappy. Whenever she gets sleepy, hurt, mad or pouty, she would ask for it. Pappy and her blanky. Her two sources of comfort, other than mommy of course! I mean, with a face like this- how could you ever say no to giving her what she asks.

I have always thought it was adorable. However, what is not adorable is to have a 2 year old that still wakes up throughout the night when her pappy falls out and on the floor…and you have to get up several times a night to retrieve it. We decided several months ago that when she turned 2, that was it. No more pappy. Well, her birthday came & went and she still had pappy. I never had the heart to just take it away completely. Plus, she only used it at night…and Ryan & I had a hard time wanting to interrupt our nightly routine to try to wean her off…maybe a little laziness on our part.

So here are the steps we took to finally conquer the pacifier. We heeded the advice of other parents & devised a plan. It took a couple of months, but it finally worked! First, we started trimming a little bit off the tip of the pacifier. Just a little at first. Kamryn noticed something wasn’t quite right, but it didn’t bother her too much. Second, we started talking to her about how she was a big girl and big girls didn’t need pacifiers. Then a few weeks later, we trimmed some more off. It was about 1/3 cut. She would say, “pappy’s broke..want nother one.” But we stood our ground. She got used to using the trimmed pappy…only using it at night, but still sucking away! So again, we trimmed it down…over half way gone now. You could tell, she wasn’t liking it – but she still asked for it at night. She was not using it the same anymore…she mainly just played with it or chewed on it. It slowly was becoming less & less important to her. We would tell her off & on – “You can throw it in the trash if you want. Pappy’s broke. You’re a big girl now, you don’t need it.”

This goes on & on until…well, this past week. After breakfast on Wednesday, Kamryn went over and on her own accord, threw pappy in the trash. We made a big deal about it – jumping around dancing and clapping – and she was SO proud of herself. We took her to Toys-R-Us to buy her a special toy that she could sleep with instead of pappy. She loved it. She tells everyone, “throw pappy in trash…no more pappy.” SO adorable. She now has a Barney doll that she sleeps with instead. The first night without pappy, she did cry and asked for it. She cried for about 30-45 minutes in fact. I went in there several times, picked her up and reminded her that pappy was gone, she was a big girl & momma was so proud of her. She only cried one night. Yep, ONE. Since then, she gets her blanky, her Barney and crawls right into bed and goes right to sleep. My big girl!!!

My little artist.

3 Nov

Picture 1

This picture was in the girls’ school newsletter that came out this month. It just totally cracks me up! Kamryn is obviously having a blast painting her pumpkin! And the sweet girl next to her is looking at her like she’s lost her mind! Hahaha. I think she has more paint on her face and hands than on the paper plate. Her teachers must do an awesome job cleaning her up before she comes home in the afternoons, because I had no idea this happened until I saw this pic! My kids are sooooo crazy! They bring so much joy into our lives.

Pappy’s Pumpkin Patch

3 Oct

This morning, we went to Pappy’s Pumpkin Patch at Bell Family Farm here in Tyler. It was such a cute place! These people just open their farm with all of this fun stuff for kids as a service to the community on the weekends in October and bonus…its all free! Hayrides, pumpkin patch, kiddie train, playground, pumpkin carving, etc. Although the girls weren’t in the best of moods (Addi’s been sick w/a cold & Kam’s had pink eye),  I did manage to get some good pics. Such a beautiful day! I absolutely love this weather. Enjoy the pics…and enjoy your weekend!








the pledge, the tumble bus, and the tooth catostrophe

20 Sep

the pledge…

first of all, i must say – i am SO proud of addi and all that she is learning at her fabulous school! the other night, my parents were over & after we finished dinner, addi just busted out with this…

how awesome is that?!!! i knew they had started working on the pledge at school, but had no idea that she had it memorized already…i was so very impressed. it brought tears to my eyes!

the tumble bus…

aunt jen bought addi a month of tumble bus playtime. the tumble bus is an old school bus converted into a mini gymnastics area for small children (ages 3 & up). they teach them the basics of tumbling, stretching, and exercise. it comes to the girl’s school every friday and addi loves it! the teacher said that she was so impressed with how addi does all the stretches perfectly. which of course adds to this momma’s proudness factor. here are some pics of last friday’s tumble bus experience that aunt jen joined her for.









the tooth catostrophe…

today, after a great service at church, the girls and i were sitting in the atrium area waiting for ryan (who’s been running sound a few sunday’s a month). well, addi was sitting on a bench one minute and the next thing i know she’s face down on the floor crying. poor baby fell right on her face & busted her teeth & lip! she knocked her front two teeth up into her gums and busted her lip, so she was bleeding for a while. luckily, no teeth were busted out – but one of them is sort of protruding now, so we will take her to the dentist tomorrow and see what’s up. it doesn’t feel loose…maybe its just like this b/c her gums are swollen? hopefully it will all be ok. i think i cried as much as she did! from what i’ve read and heard, gums will tighten back up and the tooth will fix itself and reposition correctly for the most part. i just hope & pray there is not root damage or anything. please say a little prayer for my baby. she was such a little trooper today…again, proud momma.

and i’ll leave you with this (don’t want to leave my kam kam out)…the cutest little recorder player you’ll ever see!


sleepy time

21 Aug

kamryn is such a cuddle bug. she always has to be holding her blanket, her bear, and have her paci every time you get her out of her crib from a nap, in the morning when she first wakes up, or if she’s just getting sleepy.  it reminds us of linus from charlie brown!  🙂  cutie.



here is a typical evening at the dixon household right before bed time. ryan & i LOVE to cuddle w/our babies!



hope you all have a great weekend! we plan to do a lot of relaxing and enjoying the cooler temperatures while they last. much love friends & family!

the cutie pies

16 Aug

yesterday, we had a lazy day. went to breakfast w/jen at cafe tazza, which was awesome. then, we all stayed at home most of the day just hanging out.  we did go outside to play….for all of about five minutes.  1. it was too hot.  2. the mesquitos in our backyard are out in full force ready to attack at any sign of flesh.  i loathe mesquitos! but, i did however get a few cute shots of my 2 dolls while we were out there!








my addi kate.

10 Aug

Picture 1

Gosh, I love this kid! She will be 3 this month and I can hardly believe it. Tonight, while we sat on the couch eating popcorn, she wanted me to take our picture….and then “again” and then “another one”….hence the photos above. I just love her smile in these shots so I thought I’d share! She’s going through such a sweet phase right now. She’s very loving and likes to give out compliments. For example, we hear things like this all time, “Mommy, I like your pink shirt.” or “Daddy, I like your haircut.” or “Grandma, I like your sandals.” Its so adorable! Tonight, after we sang our “night night song” and said our prayers, she laid down in her bed & while I was walking out of the room she whispered, “Momma, I like your flip flops.”  Hahaha…so adorable! She’s a doll.

Kam’s Kisses for Pooh Bear

4 Aug

this is how we roll.

1 Aug