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Who is my neighbor?… by Ryan

10 Feb

If you ever make it to Austin you must go check out The Austin Stone. With only attending a few times while in the area visiting friends and family, I have been thoroughly blessed by the worship, vision and the messages delivered by Matt Carter. Recently on my long runs I have been listenting to his past messages via their pod cast. The one I heard today was so great. You MUST listen. The title of it is “A Church For The City: The Cost Of Following Jesus.” 09/28/08


Ryan’s new-do… by Ryan

6 Feb


Whelp. I cut it myself this morning. I knocked 2.7 seconds per mile off my 5 mile run and it took 1/4 of the amount of shamp & condish than it did yesterday. I am actually bummed not to need the use of our chi straitener for a while. Here’s to the good old days.

Ryan’s “Long” Hair… by Ryan

5 Feb


Boo! I am officially sad. I have an appointment for a hair cut (chop) tomorrow morning. As a self employed coffee shop & recording studio owner, my boss has always been ok with my hair but with public and corporate environment interviews looming, I figure my days of being able to sport my shag is going to have to be put on hold.

Why does our community STILL have a negative outlook on longer haired men? I am a sweet guy at heart and don’t mean any disrespect or harm by my hair… so what’s the big deal? What gives a shorter haired male an advantage over the other? Am I not a great citizen, employee, father, son, husband, child of God, etc. due to the length of my hair? Why does the majority of the older generations tend to stare awkwardly?

I’m bummed as I’ve just now achieved my goal inspired by my friends shown below: