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1 Apr

oh. my. word. the switchfoot concert tonight was AMAZING!!!

first of all, the tickets were free. can’t get any cheaper than that! second, it was at the college where ryan works in the auditorium…so we drove 1 mile to get to it. third, it felt like a private concert because it was in a small auditorium – not a huge arena, and there really wasn’t a ton of people there because of the holiday from school tomorrow. fourth, they played a good blend of old songs + some new songs…ending with “dare you to move” – awesome. fifth, i got to go with my love & my little brother & we had a blast together! great night.

need some new music?

25 Jun

Ryan’s cousin, Aaron Ivey, released his new CD this week & it ROCKS!!! Seriously awesome…check it out.


i love sundays.

17 May

today has been a great day! the weather is beautiful. slept in. had coffee & breakfast w/my handsome hubby and two adorable girls. church was awesome today…great message. relaxing, lazy afternoon. cooking out tonight. here are a few updates for all you peeps out there…

– our trip to san francisco has been booked!!! airline & hotel reservations made. this year, the crew going will include: me, ryan, jen (my sis), ross (ryan’s bro), and cynthia (family friend). we are registered for the 1/2 marathon and can not wait! we have begun our training…13.1 miles is quite a feat to prepare for! we accomplished 7 yesterday. it was tough, but encouraging. we have approximately 2 months to get ready…go team awesome! 😉

– the season finale of 24 & american idol is this week. yikes! will jack bauer survive? will chris or adam win? i think i’m pulling for chris honestly.

– i have been absolutely digging the sanctus real: we need each other album. great lyrics, rockin’ music. i highly recommend it!

– i heeded the advice of my lovely friends & bought mary kay’s timewise face wash & moisturizer. i have to say, i am loving it! my skin feels so soft & smooth. 

– my little brother, jeff is graduating from high school in a few weeks & i can not believe it! he took senior pics the other day…i have to give props to corie for taking such awesome pics! they turned out so good…i’m sure some of you will be receiving a pic & invitation in the mail.

– we went car shopping yesterday. that is SO exhausting! we are thinking of trading in our minivan for something smaller…like a crossover or small suv. we did not have any luck yesterday at all. stuff like that takes forever and both ryan & i hate it. anyone ever drive a honda crv or a subaru forester?

– here are a few pics of the girls playing in their new sprinkler whale….it barely sprays any water, but you would have thought they were at hurricane harbor!!! they are just too much fun.






rockin’ out…

20 Feb


anberlin, changs & a bonus hotel room!

5 Oct

last night was date night & it was awesome!!! i bought ryan tickets to see anberlin for his bday (which is coming up next week). so, our girls stayed the night w/my parents and we headed to the big D. we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, pf changs. chicken lettuce wraps, mongolian beef, tiramisu & chocolate cake mini desserts, and some cab. doesn’t get much better than that! then, we headed to deep ellum to a place called the door for the anberlin show. it was SO fun! they did not disappoint. they sang their best songs in my opinion…a good mix from several of their albums. very cool. of course, the two tallest dudes in the place (both taller than ryan) stood directly in front of me…so i wasn’t able to see too much, but it was still a blast! then, to top off the night, we got to stay in a super nice hotel in grapevine thanks to the ivey’s! they had an extra hotel room booked for the band, that they had already paid for but didn’t need anymore, so they gave it to us. sweet action! unfortunately we didn’t get to see them at all…we got in way late and left way early…but we saw their minivan in the parking lot (13.1) & waved to it. thanks aaron & jamie! we definitely appreciate that b/c we were just planning on driving home after the concert…this worked out so well b/c we were whooped & ready to crash after the show. such a great night! 

snap shots of my girls

4 Oct

these are a few pics i got yesterday afternoon after the girls woke up from their naps. our back porch is such a great place for them to play while i cook dinner! its screened in, so its safe & confined, but they get to be outdoors in the fresh air. its great. tonight, they will stay w/grandma & papaw clark when we head out to dallas for our date night. i’ve loved anberlin since they came out w/the cities album….looking forward to the show. looking forward to time alone with ryan! hope everyone has a great weekend!


3 Oct

TOMORROW!!! ryan & i get to go see the anberlin show at the door in dallas. can’t wait!!!