A few of my latest faves.

17 Feb

Over the past couple of months, I started to have some patches of eczema on my face. I guess the cold weather was drying out my face – and probably running in it didn’t help. I had these dry patches that itched like crazy & would get red and then peel. Not fun! So I tried a ton of different stuff and even went to the Dr. But this Origins moisturizer has been the one thing that has helped. I use it every morning and every night and my face has been so much better. I love this stuff!

Bear Naked’s Original granola is the bomb.com. I love it in yogurt, in my oatmeal, or by itself. Plus, its packed with protein! Makes for a healthy, yet tasty little afternoon treat.

Stanley’s Bar-B-Q here in Tyler = amazing. Seriously. The brother-in-law sandwich is ridiculous…chopped brisket with sausage & cheese. Delicious! This place has such a cool vibe. This definitely ranks at the top of our favorite restaurants!

We are reading through this book in our community group. Just finished Chapter 7 and I must say, its rocking my socks off. Seriously giving me a much needed kick in the rear. If you haven’t read it, you should check it out. But prepare youself to be challenged. Awesome.

2 Responses to “A few of my latest faves.”

  1. ctbynum February 18, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    Haha! Yes, I saw this yesterday – and you are one of my fave friends too! (I also really like Bear Naked Granola!) Love you guys!!


  1. Some recent faves. « The Dixon Blog - November 16, 2010

    […] while back, I posted about a few of my faves. Time for round […]

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