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31 Aug

we are in austin & having a great time!  we’ve spent some time with my brother & his family. been to some of my niece’s soccer games. ran at town lake. plan to eat at chuy’s today & hopefully find an amy’s icecream! last night, we went to aaron & jamie ivey’s house…aaron is ryan’s cousin & they recently moved to austin. its been a while since we’ve been able to hang out with this super cool family & we have never met their kids & they have never met ours. we had a blast!  they cooked an awesome meal.  great times. addison had so much fun playing with cayden & deacon. it was adorable!!! we are glad these guys are back in texas so we can hang out more. 

here are a few pics…

and today is my big girl’s 2nd birthday!!! so this morning, we are headed to have a big donut breakfast at krispy kreme. then we are going to austin stone church (where aaron plays). **update: this was AMAZING. awesome church. wow.** this afternoon is bday party time…addi couldn’t be more excited!  bday pics to come later!  here’s one of her traveling in style…



26 Aug

when we tell addi to smile, this is what she does everytime…

cracks us up! she closes her eyes, lifts up her head and smiles so hard. she’s a mess!


swimming at daddy’s work

26 Aug

we went out to allaso ranch this afternoon to take the girls swimming. they have an awesome kiddy pool there in the swim center that has a lot of “rain” as addi calls it. we swam for a while & had a picnic lunch. addi was a little nervous at first. it always takes her a while to warm up to something unknown…but after a while, she started to have a blast. this place is awesome & we are so excited to be involved there. next time, momma wants to try out the lazy river!

where we’ll be running this weekend…

25 Aug

town lake in austin.  8 miles.  sweet!

My running essentials

24 Aug

Here is a list of some of my favorite running gear…

Shoes: Saucony Hurricanes or Asics 2120’s

Music: iPod shuffle loaded with rock, hip hop, and anything upbeat!

Socks: Balega Enduro Lo Cut

Watch: Garmin Forerunner 205 (this is a must have!!! i love it & recommend it to all runners.)

Energy: Caramel Nut Blast Balance Bars, S’mores Zone Bars, and Plain PowerBar Gel

H2O: Smart Water

This morning as I ran my ten miler, I once again referred back to a quote I read recently that has really helped me get through some of my long runs recently.  We all tried to take this advice in San Fran as well.

Ryan Hall, an Olympic marathon runner, said, “Focus on the moment. I avoid thinking about how far I have to go early in the race, because that can be overwhelming. Late in the race I try to forget about how far I have gone, because that would give me an excuse to give in to fatigue.”

We start training next week for our next 1/2 marathon…Dallas White Rock in December!

Skinner Cousin Boat Party

23 Aug

My cousin Danny & I planned a boating day for all of our cousins on the Skinner-side to get get together, with no kids, and just hang out!  We had a blast.  We went out on the barge, went tubing, swam, and caught some rays.  There was hardly anyone on the lake and the weather was perfect.  It was great! 

Here are a few shots of all of us…

Addi’s almost 2!

22 Aug

Kamryn in her johnny jumper…

22 Aug

do you know the muffin man?

21 Aug

so i recently bought these things called, mum mum’s, for kamryn.  they are made out of rice & they dissolve easily in the baby’s mouth.  so every now & then i’ll give kamryn one to chew on if she’s getting fussy. every time i do, addi says, “momma, addi muffin man!” which means (in addi language), “momma, i want a mum mum too.” she doesn’t like them, she never eats them, and i have no clue why she calls them “muffin men”….they in no way resemble a muffin! it cracks me up everytime.

August 20th

20 Aug

August 20th is a memorable date in Dixon history…

August 20, 2000: Ryan Dixon asked Traci Clark to be his girlfriend on the porch of a local coffee shop while drinking an espresso shake.  Hehehe.  

August 20, 2002: Ryan Dixon proposed to Traci Clark.  VERY romantically, I must say.

And I still remember the feeling I had both nights!!!  I remember because I still get that feeling.

Giddy..nervous..on cloud love..excited..girly..blessed..happy..smiley..silly.

I love my man.  Even more now than then.