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updates that begin with ~

27 Sep

~ i love this time of year…change of seasons to the fall (YES!) and football season. i posted a blog a long time ago about reasons i love fall & winter.

~ both of our football teams lost this weekend. boo!

~ lots of birthdays coming up! my dad, jen, ryan, jeff – all over the next few weeks.

~ 1 of my cousin’s has a wedding in dallas, 1 of my other cousin’s has a wedding shower, and another cousin has a baby due all in october!

~ ryan & i are going camping in t-minus 12 days…we’ll be heading to beaver’s bend for a peaceful weekend alone!

~ a few of my very best friends have 5k’s this upcoming weekend. good luck danny, ashley, & rachel! let me know how it goes. i’m so proud of all of you.

~ ryan & i have started lifting weights at the gym at his work. its nice, not to mention free! trying to incorporate more cross-training in along side my running.

~ ryan made these chicken enchiladas the other day & they were absolutely amazing…you should definitely add this to your recipe book.

~ addi’s teeth & gums are healing nicely…it looks almost back to normal & she doesn’t seem to be in any more pain. whew!

~ ryan & i have officially joined grace community church this weekend. we love the values & vision of the church & are pumped to get more involved. ryan has been helping on occasion w/the audio. we also plan to join a small group in a couple of weeks…looking forward to being part of community again.

~ rumor has it that we may be enjoying this on saturday night in celebration of jen’s bday!

~ the office this season has been hilarious thus far…i love this show!

~ the girls love to watch videos in our bed while i’m getting ready. so i will end this post with a pic of my cutie pie punkins cuddled together in “momma & daddy’s bed.” have a great week friends! until next time…



our plans for the day

1 Jan

so far today, we have slept in a little…and when i say little, i mean until about 8:15ish, instead of 7:30ish! had breakfast while watching a baby einstein video…addi is obsessive about these. then, to get the new year started off on the right track…ryan, jen & i went and ran 7 miles. it was a very refreshing run…very cold out, but the crispness in the air felt great! now, the girls (and ryan, i might add) are napping while i sit here drinking a latte & blogging. this afternoon our plans are this….eat a feast that my momma is preparing. turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, black eyed peas, mac&cheese…good ole homestyle cooking, gotta love it! oh, and can’t forget the chocolate delight…yummy. the rest of the day will be consumed with football watching and playing with my girls. i hope you enjoy your first day of 2009!

big game this weekend!

28 Oct

Both teams are 8-0 this season. Should be a great game! Its in Lubbock, which is great news for Tech. My siblings are die-hard UT fans and I, of course, am a Tech fan. My sister graduated from UT and I am a Tech alumni. We are very competitive, when it comes to this one particular game. I am already nervous! We have to win. Needless to say, in order to maintain good relationships, we will NOT be watching the game together on Saturday night. Ryan & I will just watch it alone, rooting for our team! 🙂


one week from today…

27 Sep

one week from today, ryan & i will be jammin out to anberlin in concert in the big-D!!!

and b/w now & then we will…

-watch the redskins beat the cowboys sunday afternoon

-run ten miles sunday evening

-kick-off happy hour & half at our shop monday

-celebrate my dad’s bday tuesday

-celebrate my sister’s bday thursday

busy, but fun week ahead!  and then, to top it off…saturday night=date night in dallas with my man and one of my favorite bands. WOOHOO! so excited. 🙂

our little redskin

18 Jul

ryan bought the girls t-shirts that say, “my first redskins tee” on the front.  super cute.  ryan & i also have some new shirts on the way for us as well…getting ready for football season!  it doesn’t get ANY cuter than this…