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apple on 5th and serendipity

30 Jun

we had a packed out day today.  here’s what our day entailed…went to work with jen this morning at a school in harlem.  she only had to work until around 11ish & then we had the rest of the day to be tourists. we got our run out of the way first (which was way fun!).  came back to the hotel & showered.  then, we had coffee at some random place…not too bad, but definitely not studio java!  we went to the apple store on 5th avenue….it was HUGE!  very cool…just crowded.  we then went down to greenwich village & ate at this small italian restaurant that has been there since 1912….monte’s trattoria.  we ordered spaghetti & meatballs & pesto penne and split both entrees…it was yummy!  after dinner, we went to the diesel store on union square & bought some jeans.  next we took the subway up to have a frozen hot chocolate at serendipity & some cream cheese cake, which was amazing! now, we are back at the hotel…TIRED and will probably hit the sack early.  getting up early to go run again in central park….have to make the most out of this opportunity!  i’m having a blast w/my sister….but i do miss my family so much!  i love you ryan.  thank you for watching the babies this week…you’re the best hubby.  🙂


our run through central park

30 Jun

6 miles today through central park!!!  now off to site see.

long run today

28 Jun

this morning, ryan & i got up at 5:00 a.m. to go out & hit the pavement…met up w/dad, jen, jessica & amanda for our weekly long run.  it was a great day today.  i’ve been in some kind of running slump lately…everytime i run, i basically have to talk myself out of quitting the whole time.  but today, i felt back to normal & enjoyed it.  my goal was to finish 11 miles, but i actually ended up going 12!  it was cloudy the whole time with a little breeze…so it wasn’t too hot.  great run.  now, the rest of the day we get to chill out, pack for nyc (yeah!!!), hang out with our beautiful babies, grill & spend time w/jen.  we love weekends.  and thanks to mom for letting the girls spend the night last night!!!  it was good to get a good night’s rest before the run & we enjoyed the time alone…watched fool’s gold & went to bed early.  hope everyone has a great weekend!  stay tuned for pics from new york city…we fly out tomorrow!  

dinner & swimming at emmert’s

26 Jun

tonight, we went to christi & spencer’s house for dinner.  we had a great time!  dinner was awesome (thanks guys)…grilled turkey, potatoes augratin, salad, rolls, steamed green beans, and peanut butter pie – yum. after dinner, the kids went swimming in brody’s new pool…addi had a blast!  then, to warm up, they got in the hot tub.  here are a few pics…

my productive day

26 Jun

every thursday, the girls go out & stay w/my grandmother “memaw” all morning & part of the afternoon. she loves to have them out there and they have a great time with her.  this gives me (1) a day at the coffee shop w/no babies and (2) some time to get stuff done!  today, i feel like i got a lot accomplished at our house.  and now i’m sitting here relaxing for a few minutes before i head out to pick up my babies.  let me just tell you what all i’ve done (hey, i’m excited about my accomplishments, i’m sure all moms will totally feels great to get things done!)….anyways, i made a peanut butter pie for our dinner w/christi & spencer tonight, vacuumed the bedrooms, mopped the tile floors, cleaned our shower, cleaned the sinks, toilets, and mirrors in both bathrooms, took out all the trash, cleaned out our refrigerator, hung a few pictures in kamryn’s room (still in the process of decorating our house), picked up all of the toys, & did the dishes.  yeah for a clean house!!! i also ordered supplies for the coffee shop, went to the bank, and rented fool’s gold for ryan & i’s date night on friday!  whew, crazy morning.  and on top of that, i’m tired & sore from our 7 mile run last night and waking up with kamryn almost every hour last night (she got shots this week).  maybe i should to take a little power nap before i go pick up my two precious angels.  life as a mom/business owner is absolutely craziness!!!  crazy, but fun.  wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

snow cones on a hot day!

25 Jun

uncle jeff came over today & brought addi a treat…a cherry snow cone!  she loved it.  her hands, lips, tongue, and clothes were RED when she finished.  next time, get white coconut jeff!!!  🙂

a special moment

24 Jun

tonight, i got the girls ready for bed and then we all three got in the rocker.  i was feeding kamryn a bottle and addi sat nestled right beside me.  i was singing them a song (i’m so not a singer – thank goodness they don’t realize it yet!) and they were both falling asleep.  addi looked up at me and smiled & then laid her head on my arm.  she then reached over & held kamryn’s little foot with her little hand.  as i sang along, i choked up and could hardly finish the song.  tears came down my face & i was just so thankful for my two beautiful blessings! sometimes i get so caught up in the craziness of having two babies (taking care of them, chasing them around, cleaning up after them, etc) that i tend to forget that i need to sit back & look at them and realize how awesome they are and how much of a joy they are to ryan & i.  we are blessed!!!  i love my girls & pray that i can be the mother that they deserve!

Congrats to our wonderful friends!

23 Jun

I just wanted to say congrats to our good friends, Danny & Ashley Sinclair.  They found out recently that they are having a girl!!!  We couldn’t be more excited for them…I know they will be awesome parents.  And I couldn’t be happier that they are having a girl!!!  Ashley – you & Beth needed a girl.  They are so much fun. True, close friends are hard to come by the older you get…we cherish our relationship with these awesome people below & miss them dearly. Love you all, Sinclair’s!  

some pics of my girls!

23 Jun

here are a few pics that were taken the past couple of days.  and by the way, the bean bag ut chair is uncle jeff’s, not ours.  go red raiders!  kam had her 6 month well check this morning…almost 19 lbs!  she is 28 inches long…they say she’s tall like her daddy & addi.  🙂  guess momma will be the short one in the family!

peaceful mornings

22 Jun

This morning was amazing!  Ryan & I actually had breakfast on our back porch.  The girls were still asleep, so it was quiet in the house…minus the faint sound of the food network on our TV!  Ryan made us some coffee & I made cinnamon rolls.  We love cinnamon rolls, but don’t have them often since they aren’t the healthiest breakfast choice.  But after our long run yesterday (me-10 miles, ryan-13 miles all in 90 degree heat), we felt we deserved it!  It felt awesome outside this morning & the birds were chirping.  As we sat on our deck, the horses came up to our fence in the backyard.  Beautiful & peaceful.  Ryan said, and I agreed, that he wished that moment could last an hour!  Those quiet moments in life don’t come around very often, so we have to soak them up when they do!