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2010 Resolutions.

31 Dec

I love a new year – a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate. During this time, millions of people from all over are making their resolutions as a new year approaches…its exciting! There is something motivational about January 1.

Wikipedia’s definition of a New Year’s Resolution is as follows:

“a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.”

Last Sunday at church, Brian Brandt brought a great message. In a nutshell, he challenged us to reflect on 2009 and also set goals for 2010. To look back on what you’ve accomplished, successes and failures, and most importantly, your relationship with the Lord in 2009 – then think of things you can do to improve in 2010. He also spoke on the parable about the different types of soil – being “good soil” to absorb God’s word & producing a crop in our lives. I’ve been giving this some serious thought this past week and praying that God would reveal to me what I need to accomplish to be better in 2010 – to be a better wife, mother, and disciple.

So here it is…my 2010 resolutions. I have 3…spiritual and physical. I am putting them out there for the world to see…hold me accountable friends!

1. Complete honesty here…I have never read the whole Bible in its entirety. Very sad, but very true. Yes, I’ve read a lot of it through the years, mostly New Testament of course, but not the whole thing. I’ve been convicted that this is something I should get done in 2010. My “soil” is not as good as it should be…its just not. Well yesterday Ryan and I went walking through some new stores in town and I saw it. Everyday with Jesus: A One Year Reading Bible for the huge price of $5. $5 bucks!!! I bought it immediately. This Bible is cool because of how its broken down…so simple. Each day has a portion of Old Testament, some Psalms, some Proverbs, and some New Testament. Then at the end, there is a small devotional thought for you to ponder. Very cool. I have no excuse now. I look forward to starting this first thing tomorrow morning!

2. In 2009, we ran in 3 races – San Fran Half Marathon, Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot (8 miles), and the Dallas White Rock Half. In 2010, I would like to participate in at least 6 races. Hopefully a few more! As I have said before, I love having a race on the calendar, it helps to keep me motivated. Here are the 6 I’d like to participate in:

I also want to purchase the book entitled The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer, read it & consider training for a full marathon. Please read that sentence again and notice I said consider it…I’m not committing myself just yet! The thought of saying that I am running a full marathon scares me. It turns my stomach. When I cross the finish line at a half, I can’t fathom going another 13.1. But, I’m not opposed to considering it and I would LOVE even more to be able to actually accomplish it, so we’ll see.

3. Another thing about church last week that has really been resonating in my thoughts…Jon Jenz, our worship leader, quoted a verse Jesus spoke in John 15:9…

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”

My goal in 2010 in to remain in His love. Showing love to my husband, my children, my family, and my friends is a given. Its easy to love Ryan – he’s the best husband I could ask for and makes my heart smile. Its easy to love my adorable girls – being a mommy to them is amazing. Its easy to show love to my sis, Jen – without her we wouldn’t have made it these past few years. Its easy to show love to my parents, to my brothers, to my family all over the U.S., to my friends. I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life! Its not hard to love these people. But, here is what I really need to work on…I need to show love to the lady checking my groceries at Brookshire’s, the waiter at our favorite restaurant, my co-workers, strangers I pass on the street, people in need. I resolve to do better at this in 2010. I want the words “remain in my love” to resonate in my thoughts daily. Less of me, more of Him. I want God to be the artist on my clean slate of 2010.

Happy New Year dear friends & family! I look forward to another year together.

All my love, Traci


Days off are stellar.

30 Dec

Wake up around 8:30 to “Mommy! Daddy!” Roll out of bed & go get two cute little pink punkins out of their room and put in them back in bed with us. Cuddle for a few minutes all nice and cozy as a family. Stroll into the kitchen and make breakfast, turn on Noggin, and make a latte. Slowly get the girls ready for school, no rush. Drop them off by 9 or 9:30, then head to the trails to run. Run 5 miles with my hot husband. Take our time after the run, walking & stretcing – again, no rush. Stop by Einstein’s on our way home – go inside, not drive thru. Enjoy a toasted honey wheat bagel with blueberry schmear and a hot cup of coffee. Home to shower and get dressed for the day…yes, now its nearly noon. Shopping and Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, then more shopping. Time for another latte at the house. Then, go pick up our adorable smiley kids at school early for more family time. Wow, I could get used to this! This is just an example of one day from our awesome week off….LOVE IT.

At the lake…

30 Dec

Ryan’s parents are staying at a nice resort out on the lake this week while they are here. We’ve enjoyed hanging out with them there. They are staying right on the marina…great views of the lake! Its beautiful at sunset.

There are huge jacuzzi tubs in each of the bathrooms in their unit, so we’ve given the girls’ their nightly baths there each night & they have a blast…its like a swimming pool to them! Not to mention, they have new Yo Gabba Gabba bath toys…they are living it up. This afternoon, we walked down by the marina and fed the ducks. Ryan got attacked by a goose…it seriously was like biting his ankles – hilarious! Addi was nervous when we walked out on the pier…she said, “don’t fall in Grandma!”

Here are a few shots I got (courtesy of my iPhone)…

New shoes!

29 Dec

For Christmas, Ryan & I bought each other new running shoes & socks. We both desperately needed new shoes. My last pair ran in two half marathons and all of the training runs in between. It was time. We went to a local running store and tried on several pairs and finally decided upon these…

Mizuno Waver Rider 12. I’ve ran in them twice thus far and I have to say, I am loving them! Very light, yet supportive. They just feel good. I’m excited about the miles I will put on these new kicks! With a new year approaching, I’m trying to set some running goals for myself…including some new races and new pace times. This morning, Ryan & I ran 5 miles (in the frigid cold wind) on our trails and I was reminded,yet again, why I love to run.

Christmas through pictures…

27 Dec

We had an amazing Christmas! We’ve actually had 3…Clark Christmas, Dixon Christmas and the Skinner Christmas. 🙂 I have felt incredibly blessed this year by everything God has blessed us with. The girls have had an absolute blast and their smiles & giggles make this Momma’s heart overflow!

Ryan’s parents are down from Virginia and we have had a great time visiting with them. We took them to a few of our favorite restaurants and showed them around Tyler (our little city which we are loving by the way).  Addi & Kam love their Grandma & Grandaddy! It was neat to have them together with my crazy Clark family for Christmas Eve.

The girls have been extra spoiled & received twice as much attention with both sets of grandparents around! Not to mention their Aunt Jen & Uncle Jeff too. They pretty much have it made. And, now after all the gifts, our house is covered in toys! Seriously, their room is packed out. I think some need to be retired to make room for the new ones…a project that we may do this week while they are at school (shhhhhh!).

This next week, Ryan & I are both off of work – which is super sweet. We hope to accomplish a lot and rest a lot! We also plan to see the movie Avatar and do some clothes shopping. Oh, and a date night is in the works, thanks to babysitting services offered by Grandma & Grandaddy! Yay! Ryan’s parents are staying in a nice resort out on the lake while they are here, so we will get to hang out there with them too…swimming in the indoor pool & enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Fun week ahead!

Hard to believe 2010 is right around the corner. After a great message at church today, I feel even more motivated to set some goals for 2010 and stick to them! This next week will be a great time of reflection and looking ahead to the upcoming year. Maybe I’ll share my resolutions on here so you can all hold me accountable. Below are some of my favorite pics from the last several days. I hope you all had a great Christmas…and enjoy the last few days of 2009!

Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!

24 Dec

Our Holiday Happenings

23 Dec

Today is my last day of work until 2010 – YES! Ryan has been off since last Friday. Well…not really “off”, since he’s had to take care of sick kids & a sick wife for the past several days – poor thing! Not really what he planned for his days off.  🙂 Love you honey!

We are so excited to have this extended time off to spend extra time with the fam. Ryan’s parents are flying in from Virginia today at noon. We can’t wait to see them!!! Its been way too long. The girls are excited to see Grandma & Grandaddy Dixon. We plan to show them around Tyler, take them to some of our favorite restaurants, cook some of our fav meals for them*, and just enjoy spending time together.

Tomorrow, for Christmas Eve, we will spend it at my parents house…a big feast & opening presents. Then, we will head home so Santa can pay a visit to the girls. Christmas morning, I will attempt, for the first time ever, to make chocolate gravy & biscuits.* I have to say, I’m nervous. My mom usually makes it – and its always awesome! So I have some big shoes to fill. Then, we’ll cook Christmas dinner at our house for the whole Dixon crew.* We are thinking Mexican or Italian food to change things up a little.

Saturday, is the big Skinner Family Christmas…where the WHOLE family joins together for lunch in Quitman. I’m talking 50+ people here…its nuts, but good times!

Then, next week – relaxation, chilling, and then more resting. Stoked about this, for sure.

I love Christmas!!! I am thankful for my amazing family. I am especially thankful for Jesus and His love for us. This year has been special because Addi is really starting to understand this whole Christmas thing…and when she sings Silent Night, it melts my heart. Wow, I am blessed!

Here is a pic of the girls in front of the big tree downtown on the square. We put on our pj’s, made hot cocoa, threw in a Christmas CD, and drove around looking at lights last night. One of the many holiday traditions we have started this year!

*Note all the references to cooking. We watched Julie & Julia last night and now I can’t wait to get in the kitchen!!! Great flick & motivation for those who love to cook.

Happy Sunday!

20 Dec

Well, we didn’t make it to see Princess & the Frog yesterday. We were on our way and Kamryn started vomiting in the van! So, we turned the car around & went straight home. Good thing we did because the poor thing was sick all night! She must have had a little bug. She slept good though and woke up happy this morning. Now we are getting ready to go have her birthday party at Grandma & Poppy’s!

How sweet are these adorable sisters?!


19 Dec

Have you ever seen anyone have more fun eating a cupcake? *

* Yes, Kam is in her pajamas. No, she did not have a cupcake for breakfast. It was PJ day at school yesterday & she had her birthday cupcake when she got home that afternoon. 🙂

She had a great 2nd birthday! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, cards, and gifts. She felt like one special girl! Today, we continue the celebration by taking the girls to see The Princess & The Frog…their first official movie theater experience. We shall see how this goes! We’ve also moved out the beautiful crib (tear), and moved in another big girl bed. Thanks Grandma C. for our new bedding…we love it!

Happy Birthday Kamryn!

18 Dec

My baby turns 2 today! Sweet, sweet Kamryn Jane. Hard to believe that Ryan & I will no longer have 2 babies, but 2 little girls! I remember when we found out we were pregnant with Kamryn. One word described that moment…SHOCK. She was a complete and total surprise to us and one that we couldn’t be more thankful for! What a joy Kamryn is to our lives and to our family. She has such a sweet personality, a cute thick little body, and the most adorable cheeks ever. She looks just like her daddy – and I’m certain she will be tall like he is. She is sensitive and happy. She is very loving and gives the best slobbery kisses. She doesn’t say much (Addi does all the talking), but when she does, in her deep little voice – its special. She is a momma’s girl, which of course I adore. I love my Kam Kam! Being a mother is priceless and my heart is full. Happy Birthday sweet angel!!!