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weekend overload.

28 Jun

wow, what an eventful weekend. let me break it down for you with good ole bullet points…

  • friday afternoon, i got to leave work early for what they call “board meeting.”  once a quarter they have these & basically its just a time to hang out away from the office. we had pizza at the office and then headed out to fire mountain amusement park & did bumper boats, go-carts, & arcade games. had a blast! i am really loving my job.
  • friday night, we had a guy come over to “fix” our broken garage door. he stopped by one night & said he knew exactly what was wrong b/c the same thing happened to his, so we thought we’d give him a chance. lets just say he didn’t fix it & in fact only made it worse & the garage door ended up falling completely off on ryan. he left and said he’d be right back….never showed. nice. looks like we will be calling overhead door to come out and have it really fixed next week.
  • saturday morning, we had a big garage sale. trying to get rid of a lot of stuff we don’t need prior to our move. it was a success! it was SO stinkin hot…i was drained at the end of the day. but it was totally worth it.
  • saturday evening we had my 2 cousins & their families over for a bbq. food was awesome thanks to my cute hubby. however, the night ended horribly when little lulu, jen’s dog, broke her leg…so we ended up at the animal clinic until almost 10 pm. poor baby, the bone broke completely in half and now she’s wearing a stint for 6 weeks. she’s such a sweet little dog. jen got her at the same place we got bailey over 6 years ago. hoping her little leg heals well over the next few weeks.  😦


  • sunday morning, we got up and ran. i did 6 miles and ryan did 13.1. i’m hoping to do my 13 next weekend! we have one month until san fran & i have got to up my mileage! i did 10 a couple of weekends ago, 9 last weekend…so i think i can do it. i was just tired today & my tummy was hurting the whole time. was proud of ryan for making the full 13 today though! he’s just pretty dang awesome.
  • had lunch at mom & dad’s today and then just chilled. we watched the movie seven pounds. still haven’t figured out if i liked it. it had my attention at the beginning, but then got really slow…then the end was interesting. i felt so solemn afterwards…one of those movies i wouldn’t choose to watch again for fun, that’s for sure. will smith is a great actor in my opinion.
  • jen went to san diego this weekend, so she wasn’t home at all…we miss her! she’s part of our family and we don’t like it when she’s not here for our weekend dinners and family days.
  • tonight, we had ice cream cones as a reward for a good potty training day. addi & kam are just too much fun…i love my family more than words!






coming up this week…

  • we are getting the keys to our house in tyler THIS coming friday & we could not be more excited! we will slowly start moving in & hope to be all settled by the weekend of the 10th. yay!!! our house is right across from a beautiful park that will be so nice to take the girls & pups to. we are so excited to begin our life in tyler and get involved in the community there! oh, and another bonus…jen will only be 15 minutes from the airport…no more driving all the way to dallas every time she has to fly out.
  • short work week this week. off on friday for july 4th weekend!
  • i guess that’s it for now. sorry for the long post…a lot going on! hope you all have a great week!

3 Recommendations

25 Apr

1. Saucony Grid Propel Plus Nxgen are my newest running shoes & I LOVE them. They provide a lot of cushion in the soles and give you some bounce in your step.  They are so comfy and not that expensive!  I paid $49.99 for mine from Amazon and they are probably my favorite running shoes thus far.  







2. Slumdog Millionaire. This movie is captivating from the moment it starts until the ending. The things that these kids go through are unimaginable and very eye-opening. The way it was directed, the music, the way it portrays life in another country…wow, this is a good one & I totally understand now why it dominated the Academy Awards this year.








3. Pioneer Pancake mix…seriously you just can’t beat it. You simply add water, stir, and make pancakes in minutes. To me, it tastes better than any other mix…even the ones that you add oil & eggs too! It doesn’t get any easier and it consistently makes tasty pancakes.  My family loves them!