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13 Jan

The local news in Austin did an awesome story today on the Ivey family & the tragedy in Haiti. As most of you know, this is Ryan’s cousin, Aaron. He & his sweet wife Jamie just recently adopted their daughter Story from Haiti…and they are still in the process of adopting their son Amos. You can view the news story here. Please, please, please pray for the Iveys, for their son Amos who is still there, for the selfless missionaries & rescue workers, and for the people of Haiti who are suffering.  Also, if you want to help, visit Jamie’s blog here to found out how you can.  They are selling t-shirts and all of the proceeds will go to help Haiti. Check those out here. This kind of stuff sure does put things into perspective…makes a lot of things in life seem a lot less important – small inconveniences or things we complain about daily. I’m sure any help you can give is greatly appreciated. And the more prayers lifted up, the better.


Story Ivey

24 Oct

For those of you that have been following Ryan’s cousin, Aaron & Jamie’s story of adoption from Haiti, please read Aaron’s latest blog here. STORY IS HOME! So, so awesome. However, she really needs our prayers….she is very sick and in the hospital right now. Please join us in praying for this sweet girl. Also, pray for Jamie as she has got to be SO very exhausted. You can see some pics of their amazing homecoming arrival at the Austin airport that Tim, Aaron’s brother, took on his blog here.  I love it! Wish we could have been there. We love you Ivey’s!

help us fill the box!

19 Nov


help us fill this box (at our coffee shop) with supplies for an awesome rescue center in haiti. we have family who are in the process of adopting two beautiful children from this place. haiti is in great need, so join us in doing what we can to make a difference this holiday season. if you have time… go check out the real hope for haiti website, you would be amazed at what these people are doing there. here is a list of items that licia, who is on staff at the clinic, says they could use the most. we will be taking donations until the end of the month. financial donations are welcomed as well. also, say a special prayer for these amazing people that have dedicated their lives to helping these children in need…and while you are at it, pray for aaron & jamie‘s adoption process. thanks for your help! 

 large safety pins for diapers
 infant formula
 ensure milk
 baby powder
 baby shampoo
 baby lotion
 soap (individually wrapped)
 undies for boys and girls