13 Jan

The local news in Austin did an awesome story today on the Ivey family & the tragedy in Haiti. As most of you know, this is Ryan’s cousin, Aaron. He & his sweet wife Jamie just recently adopted their daughter Story from Haiti…and they are still in the process of adopting their son Amos. You can view the news story here. Please, please, please pray for the Iveys, for their son Amos who is still there, for the selfless missionaries & rescue workers, and for the people of Haiti who are suffering.  Also, if you want to help, visit Jamie’s blog here to found out how you can.  They are selling t-shirts and all of the proceeds will go to help Haiti. Check those out here. This kind of stuff sure does put things into perspective…makes a lot of things in life seem a lot less important – small inconveniences or things we complain about daily. I’m sure any help you can give is greatly appreciated. And the more prayers lifted up, the better.

One Response to “HELP HAITI.”

  1. Jamie Ivey January 14, 2010 at 9:24 am #

    thank you for helping spread the word on how to help!

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