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nature’s beauty.

30 Jul

i captured this as we stood under redwoods on diamond mountain, california…



napa valley: day 3 & 4

29 Jul

we had a great time in napa! we visited some really neat & unique wineries this year: v. sattui, frank family vineyards, reverie, august briggs, and cakebread cellars. at reverie, we were able to go in some wine caves (very james bondish) & also have a tasting amongst the huge redwoods. at august briggs, we got to taste wine straight from the oak barrels.  at v. sattui, we had a private cellar club tasting since jen is a member there. so neat! one day for lunch, we ate at taylor’s automatic refresher, a yummy hamburger joint that has been featured on food network. this area of california is gorgeous – rolling hills, beautiful landscaping, and awesome weather. relaxing few days! sad that our vacation is coming to an end, but SO ready to get home to my girls. i miss them like crazy!

Napa Valley 2009

san fran: day 2 (in pictures)

26 Jul

due to my current exhaustive state, this post will be less verbage & more photos.  i’m so beat and ready to crash, but wanted to post about our day. we did it! 13.1 accomplished this morning. race started at 5:30 and everyone did awesome. ryan & ross ran the whole thing together & jen & I ran most of it together…memory maker for sure. here is a shot before & one after the race:



after resting & napping, we went back into the city for a tour of alcatraz…man, that place is fascinating.











follow that up with eating dinner in ghiradelli square at lori’s diner & then devouring a huge sundae at ghiradelli’s chocolate factory!



and course, we can never come to san fran without taking a drive down the famous lombard street.  what a wild street! i can’t imagine living in one of these houses…



ok, seriously gotta go to bed…having a hard time keeping my eyes open. tomorrow…on to napa! nighty night.

san fran 2009: day 1

25 Jul

after an eventful night (kamryn was sick all night, vomiting), we got up at 5:30 to get ready to head to dallas for our flight.  i hated leaving my baby sick like that, but she is better now – thank goodness…must have been something she ate or a bug. hoping addi doesn’t get it while i’m away! good thing is, they are in great hands w/grandma. if anyone can take care of a sick baby, she can!

our flight to san fran was smooth. we watched paul blart: mall cop on the plane & caught up on some sleep.

planetosfoross was waiting for us at baggage claim….it is so great to see him! its been a year since we’ve seen him…since last year’s san fran trip actually. jen picked us all up & we headed straight over to the race expo to pick up our packets & meet the rest of our crew, cynthia & steve. here is a pic of team awesome: version 2009:



we went for an early dinner at buca di beppo to carb up! it was, as usual, amazing. now, we are back at the hotel relaxing and heading to bed early. race starts at 5:30 a.m.! wish us luck…this year, we know what’s ahead of us on the route (the last 3-4 miles are all up steep hills – yikes) and so, its a little more intimidating than last year when we ran it unaware. gonna put on my pj’s & chill the rest of the evening…the alarm will be waking us at 4:15!



23 Jul

we are packing tonight, heading to quitman to stay the night @ my parents tomorrow. then, flying out saturday morning to san francisco!!!  the girls are staying w/grandma & papaw while we are away…i know they will have a great time. i will sure miss them though. it never gets any easier to leave your babies…i still cry every single time! this year the crew will be: jen, ross, cynthia & her boyfriend (not sure of his name yet!), ryan & i. can’t wait to spend some time w/rossy!  he’s meeting us in san fran…can’t wait. i’ll try to post pics daily from the trip. the 1/2 marathon is sunday morning early…so nervous already! hopefully this year i won’t fall & bust my kneecaps on the golden gate bridge…you can read about last year’s race here. 🙂 stay tuned for pics & updates from california…

2h2h race pics

22 Jul

Picture 2Picture 3


20 Jul

5 days until we leave for san francisco.

5 days until we get to see ross!

6 days until the san fran 1/2 marathon.

6 days until we tour alcatraz.

7 days until we visit napa valley.

42 days until my addi kate turns 3! (had to throw this one in there b/c i can not believe this is coming up so soon…she is just growing up so fast)

how sweet is this? grandma got this pic last weekend when they were staying w/her. LOVE IT!

how sweet is this? grandma got this pic last weekend when they were staying w/her. LOVE IT!

splash kingdom & too hot to handle

18 Jul

this past thursday evening, we went to splash kingdom in canton for a KLTV client appreciation event w/my work. the girls had a blast!





today, we ran in a 15k around white rock lake in dallas called too hot to handle. the weather was great! clouds covered the sun most of the time and it wasn’t quite as hot as it has been, yay! great run & very enjoyable. they had misters along the route that helped too. here are a few shots of our group that went…

Dad & Ryan before the race

Dad & Ryan before the race

Dad & I pre-run

Dad & I pre-run

Ryan's big finish...he's so fast.

Ryan's big finish...he's so fast.

Me finishing...that was my goal!

Me finishing...that was my goal!

So proud of my Dad!

So proud of my Dad!

Dad, Jeff & I

Dad, Jeff & I

Jessica & I

Jessica & I

Ryan & I after 9.3 miles!

Ryan & I after 9.3 miles!

The Group: Lauren, Amy, Jeff, Me, Ryan, Dad, Jessica

The Group: Lauren, Amy, Jeff, Me, Ryan, Dad, Jessica

Next week is our San Fran trip!!! Stay tuned for pics from the 1/2 marathon & Napa. Have a great weekend friends!

what i came home to after work…

13 Jul



our explorations thus far

13 Jul

the last few nights, we pretended it wasn’t 150 sweltering degrees outside and have ventured out around our neighborhood & beyond to explore the different parks, playgrounds, trails, and running spots in town. tonight, we found some awesome trails that connect several different parks…we figure it will make for a nice 7 mile run or so! can’t wait to try it out. here are a few pics from our adventures:




this one melts my heart!

this one melts my heart!