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I will love you forever.

31 Jul

We have the children’s book, Love You Forever, and tonight Addi chose that book for me to read to her before she went to bed.  So…I have read this book before and have always thought it was really sweet.  But tonight was the first time I have actually read it with my child sitting in my lap.  I bawled like a baby!  If you haven’t read this book, you should.  Especially if you are a mother.  Now that I have kids of my own, I truly understand this kind of love…a mother’s love.  “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”  



30 Jul

the dixon family, summer 2005…

the dixon family, summer 2006…

the dixon family, summer 2007…

the dixon family, summer 2008…

just keeps getting better & better!!!  i love my family & am so tremendously thankful & blessed.

miss priss

29 Jul

addi is SO much fun!!!

in just a few days…

29 Jul

in just a few short days, we will be flying out to san francisco!  we’ve been waiting long & training hard for this trip…hard to believe its nearly here.  we plan to go to dallas on saturday, meet up w/ross (ryan’s little brother) who is flying in from virginia & meeting us at dfw, then all getting on a plane together to head to california!  we have reservations at buca di beppo (or as ryan calls it buca di pesto) for saturday night to get our “carb fix” for the run on sunday morning.  our 1/2 marathon starts early on sunday morning.  i’m going to be so nervous!  we are staying there until wednesday and then flying home.  i will miss my girls…but they will have their own vacation at grandma’s house.  the trip is going to be a blast.  i have a lot to do this week to prepare….laundry, packing, cleaning, etc.  how exciting…stay tuned for pics & updates!!!

the next food network star is…

28 Jul

well, last night was it…the season finale of the next food network star.  ryan & i were so pumped about it.  i made cookies…we put the girls to bed and curled up on the couch to watch our show.  i was not sure who i wanted to win.  there were 3 left…and i liked them all really.  they all were so different, it was hard to pick one out of the three to root for.  so when they announced that aaron was the winner, i really didn’t care…they were all good!  i do have to say, that i was kind of hoping lisa would win b/c she’s from dallas! sad that the show’s over…now we’ll have to get out the boston legal or the office seasons and start watching those.  i love both of those shows too.  and this january, 24 will return FINALLY.  i hardly remember what even happened last season, its been so long!

fellowship, food & fun

27 Jul

one of our favorite things to do is to cook for friends & family.  ryan & i both enjoy it!  last night, we made bruschetta bread (our fav recently), pork parmesan (, caesar salad, & s’mores.  my cousin, christi & her husband spencer and son brody came over for dinner.  christi recently found out that they are expecting their second child & we are excited for them!  i have another cousin who’s wife is pregant too…so next spring, we’ll have 2 more additions to the family!  soooo many babies at our family get-togethers these days!  addi calls brody, “buddy” and they absolutely love each other.  they will just walk up to each other & hug or kiss…its adorable.  here are a few pics (of course…you know me & my obsession w/the camera!)…

Happy Birthday Memaw!

26 Jul

Today, my family had a surprise party for my grandmother, who we call Memaw.  She is celebrating her 76h birthday tomorrow.  I feel so blessed to have her as a grandmother.  She is an amazing woman of faith & is full of love.  She is such a great example of Christ to all of us.  She works hard, takes care of her family, and makes us all feel so special.  I have many great memories with her & my Pa-paw who passed away several years ago.  Below is a pic of most of my cousins & their families along with Memaw (in the center)…

i LOVE fridays!

25 Jul

i absolutely love fridays.  i love them for several reasons:

1. ryan is off on fridays & spends all day with us!  the girls & i love to have him here at the coffee shop with us.  

2. my sister is home on the weekends from traveling for her job.  we enjoy hanging out with her while she’s in town.

3. i always cook a big meal on friday nights.  tonight’s menu is lasagna & pesto bread…YUM.

4. i love knowing we have the entire weekend ahead of us!  love spending time with my awesome family. look forward to lazy saturdays (after our long run of course) and hanging out at my parents for lunch on sundays!

i hope everyone has a great weekend!  i plan to.

double shot day for me

24 Jul

kamryn is teething & didn’t sleep hardly at all last night.  in fact, we were up more than we were asleep! yikes. makes for a long day!  the best sleep i got was from 5-6:30 this morning.  our coffee shop opens at 7.  so needless to say, i had a double shot white rasberry mocha this morning & chances are…i’ll have another soon!


23 Jul

here is a sweet picture of kamryn & my mom that was taken at leslie’s baby shower.  my mom is such an awesome grandmother to my girls…they LOVE to go see “gan-maw.”  and they kind of like their “pa-paw” too. of course they aren’t spoiled rotten by them at all!  when either of them walk into the room, my girls faces light up.