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i LOVE this sweet baby face!

30 Apr


early morning thoughts

29 Apr

sitting here in the quiet, drinking coffee & listening to the birds chirp (and one random rooster cockadoodle-doo’n)…

yesterday was nanny’s graveside service. it went really well…she was a loved woman and it was obvious that we all felt loved by her through all the kind words that were spoken. i’m so blessed to be a part of such a great family. even though there is a ton of us, we are very close…and that is due to the way nanny & grandpa & memaw & papaw loved us all and taught us all how to be a family. very cool stuff. 

addi has been singing a lot recently. she’s learned some new songs at school. there is nothing sweeter than singing “open the eyes of my heart” with your two year old before bed and her belting out “holy, holy, holy.” she is a doll.

kamryn & addi both are doing awesome at school now. no tears, for the most part, when we leave them anymore. we figured out the trick was to actually give them to a teacher to hold while we were leaving…not to set them down standing alone. if they are being held, the are fine! in fact yesterday, the same teacher was holding both of them when we left and addi said, “bye mommy & daddy!” and kam waved…both smiling. 🙂

may 1st is approaching soon & that is when official training will begin for the 1/2 marathon…yikes, i better get ready! it is right at 3 months away now.

ok, time to wake up the girls & get them ready for school…happy wednesday!

nanny skinner 1910-2009

26 Apr

i have been so blessed to have my two great-grandmothers in my life for so long. nanny osborne (memaw’s mom) and nanny skinner (papaw’s mom). for those of you that know me, you know how close my family is. these two precious women have lived long and have been such a BIG part of our family.


last night, my nanny skinner (on right) passed away in her sleep. she lived 98 great years. we thought she would out live us all! up until just recently, she has been very healthy and active. we have great memories of nanny…she always made us smile. although i am sad she is gone, it makes my heart smile knowing she is now dancing in heaven with my papaw! 

rest in peace nanny…we love you.

nanny(that is my hand she is holding)

3 Recommendations

25 Apr

1. Saucony Grid Propel Plus Nxgen are my newest running shoes & I LOVE them. They provide a lot of cushion in the soles and give you some bounce in your step.  They are so comfy and not that expensive!  I paid $49.99 for mine from Amazon and they are probably my favorite running shoes thus far.  







2. Slumdog Millionaire. This movie is captivating from the moment it starts until the ending. The things that these kids go through are unimaginable and very eye-opening. The way it was directed, the music, the way it portrays life in another country…wow, this is a good one & I totally understand now why it dominated the Academy Awards this year.








3. Pioneer Pancake mix…seriously you just can’t beat it. You simply add water, stir, and make pancakes in minutes. To me, it tastes better than any other mix…even the ones that you add oil & eggs too! It doesn’t get any easier and it consistently makes tasty pancakes.  My family loves them!


le sigh. (as ross would say)

24 Apr

TGIF!  whew, what a busy week! starting last weekend, we have been SO crazy busy. ryan had a guy come in last friday for a cram recording session that night & all day saturday. then, sunday was the rangers game outing (which i hope we can do again sometime this season…hint, hint dad). this week was super busy….seems like every night we had something going on, tons of stuff happening at work, and absolutely no free time. so as i sit here, chilling & enjoying the peace…i am thankful its the weekend! some things i truly look forward to when weekends arrive nowadays…

-pancakes & coffee on saturday morning

-playing outside with my girls

-watching movies with ryan

-running OUTSIDE in the mornings, instead of the treamill at 9 or 10 at night!

-cooking new recipes and enjoying a glass of wine w/it

-going to church on sundays & then eating lunch at my mom & dad’s

-having time to just sit & watch food network

-getting extra sleep!

-having lattes throughout the day

the weather here has been beautiful the last few days. this evening, we spent some time outside. here are a few pics of my favorite people in the world… 













i wish you all a happy weekend! hopefully next week won’t be so crazy and i will have time to post more on the blog…i feel as though i’ve been slacking. 🙂

texas rangers game

19 Apr

today, my parents bought us all tickets to go to the ballpark in arlington to watch the rangers play. the dixon crew, my parents, my little brother & his girlfriend amy, my sister jen, and my grandmother all went. it was so much fun! the girls had a blast. it was red out day, so we all wore red. we also all got free red hats and it was $1 icecream day for kids…bonus! what made the game even cooler was the way it ended… a walk-off homerun! this was my first professional game to attend…it was super cool.

here are a few pics from our great memory making day…



















the office.

15 Apr


at the office, i am surrounded by coffee memorabilia. the owners of coffee city usa, collect antiques from all over the country…mostly coffee-related. everything from old tins to roasters to deco grinders to pictures or signs to country store bars to clocks to trains, etc. they even have a really old bumper car in the warehouse! the huge red object, to the left of the red filing cabinet, is an old school roaster…its sweet. pretty cool stuff. things at work are going really well & i am enjoying it! today, i got to participate in a “cupping” and taste testing of a new coffee blend they are working on. pretty interesting!

2007 to 2009

12 Apr

below is the dixon clan on easter of 2007. we were in austin for the weekend spending time w/my brother & his fam. it was addi’s very first easter…what a cutie pie. funny thing is, i was pregnant in this pic w/kamryn & didn’t even know it! we found out just a couple of weeks later that we were expecting again…and man, were we shocked! 


now, here we are in 2009…a family of four! life has changed a lot for us over the past two years! its been crazy at times, but we are truly thankful. today, we enjoyed a feast for lunch at my parent’s house after an awesome worship service at church. the girls had an indoor easter egg hunt since its raining here today…it is just too cute how exciting & entertaining small things, like hiding a few eggs around the living room, can be for toddlers!


we have a lot to celebrate because of this day & what Jesus has done for us! chris tomlin wrote a song that we sang this morning at church. i just love the lyrics to it & i think its such a perfect song for easter sunday…

“Jesus has overcome and the grave is overwhelmed. The victory is won, He is risen from the dead. And I will rise when He calls my name. No more sorrow, no more pain. I will rise on eagle’s wings. Before my God, I fall on my knees and rise. I will rise.”


blessed beyond measure

11 Apr

these two beautiful girls are so awesome!!! i’m blessed to be their mommy.





just easter?

10 Apr

today, i overheard a conversation that really made my heart hurt. it went something like this…

person a: “i wonder if the banks are closed today?”

person b: “i don’t know, i know the schools are closed.”

person c: “its just easter. its not a holiday, so i bet they are open.”

wow. i don’t think the word JUST and EASTER should ever be put together in a sentence like that. it made me mad at first and then very sad. my heart hurts for people who don’t understand and fully grasp the significance of easter. 

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…” 1 Peter 1:3