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This weekend…

8 Oct

Busy weekend coming up! Tonight is our Date Night Co-op. On Ryan & I’s agenda for a date tonight? Run 5 miles at the trails, cook chicken lettuce wraps, then end the night at Andy’s for a pumpkin pie concrete…delish! Sounds like a perfect night to me.

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening event at Brown’s Landing, so I’ll be working there. Excited about this new venture! It’s been a great first week, by the way. Loving my new job and the girls are loving their new school! Back to Saturday…Ryan has a studio mix session that afternoon with a band he recorded live recently. Tomorrow night, we are looking forward to hanging out with the Blalock’s! Alison is coming all the way from Lubbock to run in the FULL marathon this weekend. We are going to Joe’s to get carb-loaded before the race with them.

Sunday is race day! This will be the first of three half marathons Ryan & I are registered this Fall. We went this afternoon to pick up our race packets. So exciting. Have I told you how much I love running?!


Big changes taking place!

23 Sep

God is amazing. He has truly blown us away over the past few weeks, as we have seen pure evidence of His hand at work in our lives regarding a very specific situation. For those of you who haven’t heard this story, here you go…

About a month ago, I started praying for clarity regarding my job situation. (That is a long story in and of itself, I won’t bore you with details.) That very same week that we began to pray that God would reveal whether I should stay or go, He made it extremely clear to me that it was time to look for something else.

So, Ryan and I started talking about the possibilities of what’s next. We weren’t sure what was going to happen or how it was going to work – but we knew full well that God would provide. One of the options we discussed included me staying home with the girls and maybe working part-time or something. The more we discussed this particular option, the more excited we got! Addi starts school next year and the thought of spending more time with her, and with sweet Kam, before that happens thrilled my heart. They are at such a fun age! This is something we have always wanted, but its never worked out or been feasible. So, we started praying specifically for God to open just the right door in order to allow that to happen. He knows our financial needs and the debt we are working hard to payoff. We decided I would stay at my current job until that something else came along.

I started to keep my eyes open and talk to some people, trying to be proactive. Then one day last week, one of my favorite clients that I’ve been working with for over a year now, called up to the office to talk about a billboard design we were working on for him. He then proceeds to tell me all about this new marketing job he would like to hire for at his company. Someone who would do all marketing, public relations, event planning, etc. for him and mostly…(are you ready for this?)…WORK FROM HOME. What? Are you kidding me? He was telling me about it in case we knew of anyone interested, not knowing that I would be! So, I went straight home during lunch that day and emailed him expressing my interest. One thing led to another – I met with him and his wife to discuss and that next Monday, he called and offered me the job! I start October 5th as the Director of Marketing at Brown’s Landing and am super pumped. It’s more than I expected on so many levels. What a blessing, straight from the Lord.

Next step was finding a 2 day preschool to transfer the girls to. Um, can you say HUGE savings? Going from full-time daycare to a 2 day preschool makes a major, positive impact on the budget. Even though I’ll mostly be working from home, there will be a couple of days that I’ll need to be out and about, meetings, luncheons, etc – stuff that would be easier…well, kid-less. Plus, we want to keep them in a structured learning environment. Wouldn’t you know that one of our friends in our community group – his mom owns one of the best preschools in town! And sure enough, she had spots for BOTH girls. Ryan and I went and toured the place, got the paperwork, met the teachers, and enrolled them. Couldn’t have been any easier. Again, another blessing straight from the Lord.

We are very humbled and amazed at how God orchestrated all of this down to every single detail. We also appreciate the prayers that were lifted up on our behalf. He has once again, blown us away! He always provides and we are thankful. I don’t know why I ever doubt – EVERYTHING is in His hands.

And I am stoked to spend even more time with these two cuties!!!

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” — Matthew 6:26

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…” — Ephesians 3:20

Whatever you do.

30 Jan

This is where I work.  My office. This is where I spend a good 8 hours of my day, five days a week. On average, about 40 hours a week. 160 hours a month. 1,920 hours a year. Thats a lot of hours! I’m thankful for my job. I love it and I’m blessed with some very awesome co-workers, who I consider friends.

This past week, while running on the treadmill at the gym, I heard a great message. An awesome message in fact. I’ve been listening to podcasts from Matt Carter. If you’re looking for some good, challenging podcasts to download – I highly recommend checking these out here. This particular message, Matt talked about working. A lot of people struggle to figure out what they want to do in life, what they want to be when they grow up, not liking their current job, not liking their boss, feeling as though what they do is unfulfilling, etc. But here’s the deal…God has you where you are for a reason. If you really stop & think about that – it will (should) change your attitude about whatever you are doing. I mean if you truly grasp the fact that whatever you are doing for a job right now – whether its a stay-at-home-mom, a bank teller, or a CEO – God knew you would be there. He has a plan for you there. He has a plan for how you will affect others while you are there. You are working FOR HIM there. If you keep that in your mind – the 1,920 hours you spend at your job each year, those hours will have a ton of purpose. If you currently feel as though what you do is pointless or ineffective – DON’T! If you focus daily on the fact that you are working to please God, not your boss – it changes things. You will go above & beyond what’s expected because you are pleasing God, not your manager. You will work hard each day to bring a smile to God, not your boss. Not only will this help to give you a purpose each day at work, but you will fill a sense of accomplishment knowing that you are working on eternal things, not earthly treasures. This life is not about us...because of Jesus and the gospel, each day should be infused with purpose.

My business card holder on my desk, has the following verse on it & I love the daily reminder…

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23

Labor Day Weekend

9 Sep

I know I’m a little slow at posting this…but this week has been insanely busy!  The girl that does all of our accounts receivables/payables at work left on maternity leave. So I’m now doing her job as well as my own! Thankfully, we have another lady starting on Monday to help out for a couple of months.

Anyways, we had a great Labor Day weekend! Three day weekends are awesome & I vote for more of them. Our good friends, Christy & Tim, came down from Lubbock to visit. We had a great time catching up & hanging out w/them. Jen’s home for a few weeks too, we always love having her here. Below are some pics from the weekend…at the rose gardens, on our back patio grilling, and just lounging around the house!













weekend overload.

28 Jun

wow, what an eventful weekend. let me break it down for you with good ole bullet points…

  • friday afternoon, i got to leave work early for what they call “board meeting.”  once a quarter they have these & basically its just a time to hang out away from the office. we had pizza at the office and then headed out to fire mountain amusement park & did bumper boats, go-carts, & arcade games. had a blast! i am really loving my job.
  • friday night, we had a guy come over to “fix” our broken garage door. he stopped by one night & said he knew exactly what was wrong b/c the same thing happened to his, so we thought we’d give him a chance. lets just say he didn’t fix it & in fact only made it worse & the garage door ended up falling completely off on ryan. he left and said he’d be right back….never showed. nice. looks like we will be calling overhead door to come out and have it really fixed next week.
  • saturday morning, we had a big garage sale. trying to get rid of a lot of stuff we don’t need prior to our move. it was a success! it was SO stinkin hot…i was drained at the end of the day. but it was totally worth it.
  • saturday evening we had my 2 cousins & their families over for a bbq. food was awesome thanks to my cute hubby. however, the night ended horribly when little lulu, jen’s dog, broke her leg…so we ended up at the animal clinic until almost 10 pm. poor baby, the bone broke completely in half and now she’s wearing a stint for 6 weeks. she’s such a sweet little dog. jen got her at the same place we got bailey over 6 years ago. hoping her little leg heals well over the next few weeks.  😦


  • sunday morning, we got up and ran. i did 6 miles and ryan did 13.1. i’m hoping to do my 13 next weekend! we have one month until san fran & i have got to up my mileage! i did 10 a couple of weekends ago, 9 last weekend…so i think i can do it. i was just tired today & my tummy was hurting the whole time. was proud of ryan for making the full 13 today though! he’s just pretty dang awesome.
  • had lunch at mom & dad’s today and then just chilled. we watched the movie seven pounds. still haven’t figured out if i liked it. it had my attention at the beginning, but then got really slow…then the end was interesting. i felt so solemn afterwards…one of those movies i wouldn’t choose to watch again for fun, that’s for sure. will smith is a great actor in my opinion.
  • jen went to san diego this weekend, so she wasn’t home at all…we miss her! she’s part of our family and we don’t like it when she’s not here for our weekend dinners and family days.
  • tonight, we had ice cream cones as a reward for a good potty training day. addi & kam are just too much fun…i love my family more than words!






coming up this week…

  • we are getting the keys to our house in tyler THIS coming friday & we could not be more excited! we will slowly start moving in & hope to be all settled by the weekend of the 10th. yay!!! our house is right across from a beautiful park that will be so nice to take the girls & pups to. we are so excited to begin our life in tyler and get involved in the community there! oh, and another bonus…jen will only be 15 minutes from the airport…no more driving all the way to dallas every time she has to fly out.
  • short work week this week. off on friday for july 4th weekend!
  • i guess that’s it for now. sorry for the long post…a lot going on! hope you all have a great week!

become a fan!

19 Jun

ok friends, if you are on facebook, you should become a fan of cue:creative. it’s the marketing & advertising firm i work for & i will be taking over their facebook page and posting updates. part of my job description is “social media stewardess”…so let the social media networking begin. happy friday!


13 Jun

ok, i know i’ve been m.i.a. from blogworld for a while, but life has been crazy! here are a few updates for you…

– we are moving to tyler! we found house today and LOVE it. it was built in 1949 and we will be the third people to live in it since then. it has recently been completely redone and updated…it has a ton of character & we are pumped about living there. its seriously like 5 minutes from my work, 2 minutes from ryan’s work…quite the change from driving an hour each way. we are moving there mid-july…i will take pics once we get settled!

– we are in the process of finding a daycare in tyler for the girls…we have two on the list that both have openings, so hopefully we can nail this down next week as well. one is right down the street from the house and very close to our works, so hopefully that one will work out!

– i am LOVING my new job…absolutely loving it. sorry jessica & vicki…i know you guys have been waiting to hear! man, time to blog has been scarce lately. the people at cue creative are great and i’m doing what i’ve always wanted to do in my career, so i’m super happy about it. plus, a perk (kind of nerdy, but so what)…i have a mac on my desk! if you are mac person, you understand how exciting this is. 

– ryan’s job is going great as well and he’s enjoying it. plus, he looks really hot in his tjc polos.  😉

– kamryn poo poo’d on the potty last night for the first time and she initiated it! those of you w/2 kids…is the 2nd one easier to potty train? i was shocked last night when she stood up in the bath tub, said “poo poo”, we put her on the potty and she went! it was so cute…


– ran 10 miles this morning, so training for the 1/2 marathon is coming right along. its so hard to run when its hot outside…i struggle to run more so in the summer, than the winter. good news for us is that san fran summers are cold!

– ok, that’s all i have right now…off to eat fajitas! have a great weekend!

update on the career front

6 Jun

check it out…this is where i begin work on monday! i am SO very excited. i’ve always wanted to work at an ad agency, so i am super pumped. this opportunity literally fell into my lap last week and it is pretty amazing how it all worked out…definitely a God thing.

le sigh. (as ross would say)

24 Apr

TGIF!  whew, what a busy week! starting last weekend, we have been SO crazy busy. ryan had a guy come in last friday for a cram recording session that night & all day saturday. then, sunday was the rangers game outing (which i hope we can do again sometime this season…hint, hint dad). this week was super busy….seems like every night we had something going on, tons of stuff happening at work, and absolutely no free time. so as i sit here, chilling & enjoying the peace…i am thankful its the weekend! some things i truly look forward to when weekends arrive nowadays…

-pancakes & coffee on saturday morning

-playing outside with my girls

-watching movies with ryan

-running OUTSIDE in the mornings, instead of the treamill at 9 or 10 at night!

-cooking new recipes and enjoying a glass of wine w/it

-going to church on sundays & then eating lunch at my mom & dad’s

-having time to just sit & watch food network

-getting extra sleep!

-having lattes throughout the day

the weather here has been beautiful the last few days. this evening, we spent some time outside. here are a few pics of my favorite people in the world… 













i wish you all a happy weekend! hopefully next week won’t be so crazy and i will have time to post more on the blog…i feel as though i’ve been slacking. 🙂

the office.

15 Apr


at the office, i am surrounded by coffee memorabilia. the owners of coffee city usa, collect antiques from all over the country…mostly coffee-related. everything from old tins to roasters to deco grinders to pictures or signs to country store bars to clocks to trains, etc. they even have a really old bumper car in the warehouse! the huge red object, to the left of the red filing cabinet, is an old school roaster…its sweet. pretty cool stuff. things at work are going really well & i am enjoying it! today, i got to participate in a “cupping” and taste testing of a new coffee blend they are working on. pretty interesting!