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My birthday cake.

31 May

Ryan made this “Ultimate Chocolate Cake” for my for my birthday cake…what a sweetheart! He knows how much I love chocolate cake, so he had determined he was going to make me one from scratch after we got back home from Dallas. The recipe he wanted to try was an Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) recipe that we saw on Food Network one day a while back. Its kind of funny b/c he had made a list of all the ingredients to buy for it for our grocery trip to Central Market. When we got there, we found this…


Yep, everything you need (minus the butter, eggs & oil) already in a box! Saved us a lot of time and probably money on ingredients. How convenient! Add it to the list of reasons I love Central Market. He baked it for me last night after we got home from our trip. Here’s my piece that I enjoyed with a tall glass of cold milk! YUMMY! My husband is the sweetest. 


Of course all day today, Addi has been saying that its her birthday cake b/c, as she says, “addi’s birthday comes up next!” We even had to sing happy birthday to her today after lunch before she had her piece of cake. 🙂


headed to dallas!

28 May

i’m currently packing for our one night birthday getaway to dallas tomorrow! woohoo! right after work , ryan & i are headed out to the big D. the girly girls are staying the night at grandma & papaw’s so mommy & daddy can getaway! we are going out to dinner…where else but pf changs. then, staying in a hotel…thanks to jen (happy bday to me). saturday morning, we will get up & run white rock lake….awesome place to run. and the weather is supposed to be slightly cool. then, a little shopping and heading home to enjoy the weekend w/my babies. oh, and let me just say thanks to everyone that sent me texts, called, sent cards, or posted on my facebook today…i enjoyed my bday & appreciate all of you remembering me! 29??? yikes! love to you all.

pray for the ivey’s!

26 May

ryan’s cousin, aaron, posted this blog today. and here is a recent post from jamie on the same topic. it breaks my heart…i know that aaron & jamie long desperately to have their two kids home from haiti…it has been such a long process and something ryan & i, and a lot of others, have been praying for.  so please join us in praying for sweet amos & story to be able to come home soon! and also lift up aaron & jamie as they continue to wait patiently on God’s perfect timing.

memorial day 2009

25 May

today was a great, relaxing day. by far, the best monday i’ve had in a LONG time! the girls let us sleep late this morning, which was soooo nice! then, after drinking some coffee and lounging around all morning, we headed over to faulkner park in lindale and walked around the trail. its very nice & peaceful over there. we had a picnic lunch & went down to see the ducks. the girls loved it and of course, ryan & i always enjoy being outside. get ready for picture overload!















tonight, we grilled caribbean jerk chicken & pineapple kabobs w/cilantro lime rice & spicy corn. tasty! after dinner, ryan gave the girls lessons in skateboarding…






ryan used to be into skateboarding when he was younger & he still has his old skateboard. so every now & then, for fun, he’ll pull it out & goof off…and of course the girls wanna ride!

ok, 2 more pics and i’ll be done…who can blame me for posting all of these? its hard to choose when they are all soooo cute! 🙂 here’s kamryn giving mommy a big smile…


aren’t these just the sweetest sisters you’ve ever seen? they are so much fun!


hey, guess what? tomorrow is already tuesday…4 day work week! woohoo!  hope you have a great one.

sunday, muddy sunday

25 May

yesterday morning, i got up early & ran 9 miles w/jen! it was overcast and slightly breezy…great weather & an awesome run. starting to feel more prepared for the half marathon coming up. once i get over the ten mile hump, i’ll officially feel ready! ryan ran 10 yesterday…show off. 🙂  

after church, lunch at grandma & papaws & a nap, we took the girls for ice cream & to the park. aunt jen’s treat. little did we know that it rained while we were all asleep…so the park was a little too wet to play, so we didn’t stay too long. the girls were drenched & muddy when we left. but they had fun regardless…








date night

23 May

last night, ryan & i had a date night! i love dates with my husband. we really strive to do this on occasion…as often as we can. we feel its so important! its nice to just fully focus on each other and have quiet conversation with your best friend. i highly recommend it! it doesn’t have to be some elaborate plan…just have fun hanging out together. we had a blast…went to academy and then to eat. we had buffalo wings and onion rings all under a blue moon. 😉


our girly girl.

23 May

we have officially reached the phase of playing dress up.  addi loves it! memaw put together a bag of “dress up” goodies for all of the little girls in the family. old school hats, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, gloves, etc….all from my nanny skinner’s house. there were actually a few pretty stylish necklaces that mommy kept for herself! 🙂 here are a few pics grandma took the other night of little miss priss…




dinner via ups

20 May

jen, my sweet sister, ordered this for us to eat for dinner this weekend…YUM! can’t wait to try it! it will arrive at my office on friday in a box w/dry ice. then, saturday we will consume it…if it tastes as good as it looks, we are in for quite the treat. 🙂

prehistoric conversation.

19 May

Allow me to set the scene…we are driving to work this morning after dropping the girls off. I’m tired, dazed & drinking coffee. We approach a red light and BAM out of no where our car is rolling over what appears to be something small, something stiff, something dead in the middle of the road….and of course, I get the shivers!  YUCK!  Reminder to all, that I recently ran over a turtle & seems like roadkill is everywhere these days on our runs in the woods. Ok, now to the conversation b/w me & my loving husband…

traci: “ew! yuck! what is that????!”

ryan: “its a dinosaur.”

traci (still grossed out): “ew…a toy?”

ryan: “no (smirking)…a real one.”

traci: “shut up!!!”

ryan: “hahahaha”

WHATEVER. Who would have thought that a small, plastic TOY dinosaur would make for such disgusting road kill!  🙂  Smarty pants.

i love sundays.

17 May

today has been a great day! the weather is beautiful. slept in. had coffee & breakfast w/my handsome hubby and two adorable girls. church was awesome today…great message. relaxing, lazy afternoon. cooking out tonight. here are a few updates for all you peeps out there…

– our trip to san francisco has been booked!!! airline & hotel reservations made. this year, the crew going will include: me, ryan, jen (my sis), ross (ryan’s bro), and cynthia (family friend). we are registered for the 1/2 marathon and can not wait! we have begun our training…13.1 miles is quite a feat to prepare for! we accomplished 7 yesterday. it was tough, but encouraging. we have approximately 2 months to get ready…go team awesome! 😉

– the season finale of 24 & american idol is this week. yikes! will jack bauer survive? will chris or adam win? i think i’m pulling for chris honestly.

– i have been absolutely digging the sanctus real: we need each other album. great lyrics, rockin’ music. i highly recommend it!

– i heeded the advice of my lovely friends & bought mary kay’s timewise face wash & moisturizer. i have to say, i am loving it! my skin feels so soft & smooth. 

– my little brother, jeff is graduating from high school in a few weeks & i can not believe it! he took senior pics the other day…i have to give props to corie for taking such awesome pics! they turned out so good…i’m sure some of you will be receiving a pic & invitation in the mail.

– we went car shopping yesterday. that is SO exhausting! we are thinking of trading in our minivan for something smaller…like a crossover or small suv. we did not have any luck yesterday at all. stuff like that takes forever and both ryan & i hate it. anyone ever drive a honda crv or a subaru forester?

– here are a few pics of the girls playing in their new sprinkler whale….it barely sprays any water, but you would have thought they were at hurricane harbor!!! they are just too much fun.