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happy thanksgiving my friends!

28 Nov

we had a great thanksgiving day. we got up early and headed to dallas to run 8 miles in the turkey trot. it was a blast! ryan & jen slowed their pace so we could run together. it was a cool route through downtown dallas with some great views! here’s the pic we took prior to the race…dad obviously thought the camera already snapped and started walking away…


after the race, we went to my parents & stuffed our faces with an awesome meal. all of the traditional thanksgiving foods…turkey, dressing, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, tons of desserts…yummy! i was the fullest i have been in a long time. kamryn enjoyed her first thanksgiving meal…she really liked the turkey…and the whipped cream! then, we watched football the rest of the day, like the rest of america. i absolutely love thanksgiving. i am thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful husband, precious children, loving parents & fun siblings! we really have so much to be thankful for…the country in which we live, comfortable beds, warm clothes, hot showers, good food, close friends, etc. i feel very blessed. i hope all of you had a great thanksgiving!

here are some shots we took yesterday afternoon while we were playing outside in my parent’s yard…










tomorrow, ryan & i head to lubbock for the weekend…more on that later.



26 Nov

ryan & i dvr’d the 24:redemption 2 hour special the other night & we just got around to watching it last night after we put the girls to bed. man i miss this show! i can not wait for the new season to start back up in january…its been way too long. our friends danny & ashley got us hooked on this show. one night, at their house, they said we needed to watch one episode. so we watched the first episode of season 1 and we were soooo hooked…we borrowed the whole season from them & watched all of it. then over the next few months, we rented or borrowed other seasons to get caught up…we watched them obsessively. like at least one or two a night for a while! ryan’s brother ross can attest to this. he visited for like two weeks one time in lubbock & he was drug into our addiction. we love it! action-packed, nail-biting, butt-kicking, good times! jack bauer rocks.

its official…

23 Nov

kamryn jane is now walking! over the past week, she has taken a couple of steps here & there. but yesterday, it just clicked & she just started walking across the room! she looks so proud & excited when she’s walking…its adorable….we are so proud!




here’s a little video i got before bedtime last night…she was doing some weird snorting thing too. hahaha!

here’s the video we got of addi when she started walking last year. oh, they are growing up so fast!

help us fill the box!

19 Nov


help us fill this box (at our coffee shop) with supplies for an awesome rescue center in haiti. we have family who are in the process of adopting two beautiful children from this place. haiti is in great need, so join us in doing what we can to make a difference this holiday season. if you have time… go check out the real hope for haiti website, you would be amazed at what these people are doing there. here is a list of items that licia, who is on staff at the clinic, says they could use the most. we will be taking donations until the end of the month. financial donations are welcomed as well. also, say a special prayer for these amazing people that have dedicated their lives to helping these children in need…and while you are at it, pray for aaron & jamie‘s adoption process. thanks for your help! 

 large safety pins for diapers
 infant formula
 ensure milk
 baby powder
 baby shampoo
 baby lotion
 soap (individually wrapped)
 undies for boys and girls

more pics!

18 Nov

here are some pics that my mom took last weekend when the girls stayed the night w/her. i love how they play together! kam loves this riding toy.






addi playing outside today

18 Nov

addi & i enjoyed the beautiful fall weather & playing in the leaves in our backyard this afternoon…







fellowship tonight

15 Nov

tonight we head to dallas to go here. this should be interesting!

sold out

14 Nov

i just went to the dallas white rock marathon site only to find out that the 1/2 marathon is SOLD OUT!!! BOO. i am bummed…was looking forward to participating in this one. oh well, what can you do? i guess i need to remember to register earlier next year! we plan to do the turkey trot in downtown dallas on thanksgiving day. we are also hoping to do the at&t 1/2 marathon in austin in february. guess i should go ahead & register for that one now!

i’ve been tagged!

13 Nov

my friend jennifer tagged me….she said to find my 6th photo album and post the 6th picture in it. well…in my iphoto, i don’t really have “albums” but i did try to find the 6th set of pics & i found the 6th pic in that set. will that work jen? i figured it was close enough! hehehe. so here’s the pic…


its an old pic of me with my dear friend ashley. this is actually very ironic b/c i’ve been thinking about her a lot this week because she just had a baby two days ago! ryan & i have been friends with danny & ashley for a long time. they are like family to us & we can not wait to visit lubbock soon so we can meet baby grace! thanks for the tag jennifer…now, my turn…i tag vicki!

message for aunt jen!

11 Nov

my sister jen is traveling though europe this week! we miss her a lot. she travels for her job, so we are used to her being gone…but its different when someone is overseas! 

addi recorded a little message for you today jen…