anberlin, changs & a bonus hotel room!

5 Oct

last night was date night & it was awesome!!! i bought ryan tickets to see anberlin for his bday (which is coming up next week). so, our girls stayed the night w/my parents and we headed to the big D. we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, pf changs. chicken lettuce wraps, mongolian beef, tiramisu & chocolate cake mini desserts, and some cab. doesn’t get much better than that! then, we headed to deep ellum to a place called the door for the anberlin show. it was SO fun! they did not disappoint. they sang their best songs in my opinion…a good mix from several of their albums. very cool. of course, the two tallest dudes in the place (both taller than ryan) stood directly in front of me…so i wasn’t able to see too much, but it was still a blast! then, to top off the night, we got to stay in a super nice hotel in grapevine thanks to the ivey’s! they had an extra hotel room booked for the band, that they had already paid for but didn’t need anymore, so they gave it to us. sweet action! unfortunately we didn’t get to see them at all…we got in way late and left way early…but we saw their minivan in the parking lot (13.1) & waved to it. thanks aaron & jamie! we definitely appreciate that b/c we were just planning on driving home after the concert…this worked out so well b/c we were whooped & ready to crash after the show. such a great night! 


One Response to “anberlin, changs & a bonus hotel room!”

  1. aaron October 5, 2008 at 8:59 pm #

    you guys rock… so glad you got some good alone! and glad you guys could use the hotel room… hope to see you soon.

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