monday at the dixon house

29 Sep

today was a good day….nothing out of the ordinary, just good. i worked the shop this morning and got to hang out with jen for a little while. she’s home from work this whole week, which is cool. we always enjoy hanging out w/her while she’s here. then, after we closed up, ryan & i & the girls headed to our bakery where we get our scones & cinnamon rolls for the shop (which are bomb by the way). we ate lunch there and had snickerdoodle cookies…can’t make a trip to the bakery without cookies! came home, girls took a nap while ryan & i did some work. then, we opened back up for happy hour & half at the shop. now we are home, sitting on our porch enjoying the nice weather while the girls play. days like this just remind me of how blessed we are to be able to spend this much time together as a family…its awesome. leftover lasagna & pesto bread for dinner…yum! & monday night football…yeah! here are a few pics of the girls from today… 

addi has named this puppy “peppa”

kamryn is teething like crazy right now…runny nose, drooling, etc. but she’s still smiley!


now that kam is getting more active, they play together…which is adorable!

however, they have already officially started “fighting” over toys and sippy cups…



One Response to “monday at the dixon house”

  1. Vicki September 29, 2008 at 5:39 pm #

    That last picture is too typical….and precious! Glad your Monday was great! I wished you guys were closer just yesterday as I was cleaning out Brooke’s closet and wondering if Addi could wear any of it!

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