library card, pumpkins, meat market, and happy hour & a half

24 Sep

Library card:

So yesterday afternoon, we ventured out to the good ol’ Quitman Public Library & I got a library card. Addi was SO very excited. As soon as she saw the children’s book area w/all the stuffed animals, puzzles, little rocking chairs & bean bags, and of course books…she ran over, hollering, smiling, and giddy. We stayed for about twenty minutes or so and let her & Kam play while I checked out a few books. We are going to try and make this a weekly ritual! We checked out one book for Addi about cats which turned out to be a little psycho, I must say….someone must have been on something when they wrote that book.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love Fall!  The colors, the scents, the weather, etc. So to get into the season, I bought a few pumpkin decorations for our shop as well as a pumpkin spice candle. Yeah!!! Ryan thinks its a waste of money, but I love to decorate.  🙂 Now, if only the weather would get cooler again…

Meat market:

A new meat market opened in the same shopping center our shop is located in. Ryan went in last weekend to check out their steaks. We got a couple to grill on Saturday night and they were awesome! How blessed am I to be married to such a grill master? Ryan is a great cook…not to mention how cute he is while he’s grilling! I made stuffed peppers to go along side our steaks and they weren’t too shabby either.

Happy hour & a half:

Starting Monday at Studio Java, we will re-open at 3:30 in the afternoons and stay open until 5, Monday through Friday…in addition to our morning hours. The kids in town have always wanted us to be open after school, so we are finally going to do it! So come in & hang out with us during that time & receive 50 cents off ANY cold drink. Plus, we have free wifi for those of you that want to bring your laptops. 


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