13.1 miles, done. Now 26.2?

14 Sep

This past Sunday morning, Ryan & I got up early to run 13 miles. With three half-marathons coming up this Fall, we had to prove to ourselves that we could do it again. It was awesome! Ryan blogged about it here. There is something so satisfying about completing the amount of miles you set out to complete. If its 3, it feels good to complete 3. If its 13, it feels great to complete 13. Running is such a mental game! There are days when I plan to go 5 , and when I get to 5 I am d-o-n-e. But when I set out to go further, I can. I have to predetermine how far I’m going in advance. I have to have a goal, or I’ll sell myself short and end up stopping.

After our run Sunday, Ryan was talking crazy talk. I think he was suffering from lack of oxygen to the brain or something. He said we should plan to do a full marathon next year. What? Like double what we just ran? Like 26.2 miles? You have no idea how much that scares me! But yes, he was serious. In fact, he suggested we do the full at White Rock THIS December, instead of the half. Or maybe wait and do the Austin Marathon next February. Either way, it freaks me out! But, I do however have a strong desire to complete a full marathon in my life. I just keep putting it off and putting it off because half’s are such a challenge for me! I guess I keep thinking it will get easier to run 13…but it doesn’t. I know Ryan can do 26. And he says I can do it too. Yikes! Maybe I can? I’m giving it some serious thought. Am I crazy? Should I go for it? Maybe if I tell myself I’m going 26, I can complete 26? Other runners…which marathon do you suggest for a first timer?


3 Responses to “13.1 miles, done. Now 26.2?”

  1. Dona Keith September 14, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    Last December, for White Rock, was when your Dad came in and stayed with us. I remember talking with him about running, his attitude about it amazed me. I also rememeber getting up early to make his oatmeal and wheat toast before sending him off with a banana, some orange juice and a good luck hug. You can do it Traci, you are your father’s daughter and he will be running it with you!

  2. Lauren Weems September 14, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    Do the Whiterock in December!! Im doing it and Im nervous but excited about it at the same time!! You can do it! Love you!!

  3. runningali September 14, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    Traci! First of all just like you said running is all mental. You can totally do it!! You dont give yourself enough credit. It is a huge time commitment but completely worth it. And really the month building up to your peak is the most challenging, the rest is not much more than what you are used to. Honestly, anything over 13 is still challenging for me. It takes mental and physical preparation and many times I get to 15 or 18 miles and think there is no way I can finish my training run, but I do. You push through and complete the distance you set out to complete!
    All this to say… DO IT! 🙂
    I have not run either white rock or Austin but I know people who have and they are both great races! I am excited for you!

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