Really? Wow.

19 Jul

I had my first dream (that I remember) about my Dad last night since he passed away. Passed away…gosh, its still so weird to say that. Anyways, so here’s how it went…

We were in an empty classroom at a school. Maybe I was a teacher? I was standing near a desk and Dad walked in and said he was here for a short while…like a “lunch break” or something. I, of course, hugged him forever and was completely filled with joy. Tears were flowing nonstop. Definitely a different cry than the cries over the past six weeks. So we started to talk and catch up. Weird because he didn’t really talk much – it was as though he really couldn’t speak, but was so eager to listen to me. He spoke mostly with his eyes, which had a very obvious sparkle in them. I filled him in on everything he’s missed since he’s been gone…stuff I knew he’d want to know and love to hear about. I told him all about his funeral service. About all the comments on his Facebook page and how people still post to it almost daily. How people have sent letters from all over expressing how he had impacted their lives. After each new thing I would tell him, he would have this amazed look on his face and just simply say, “Really? Wow.” I told him specific things…like how our dear friend Gena texted me just yesterday morning to tell me she had ran/walked 3 miles because she has decided to train for a half marathon and get a shirt printed with Dad’s name on the front for the race in January. I told him how Kamryn calls “Hoppy” on her pink play phone. I told him about Addi crying one night because she missed him and was sad. He teared up when I told him about that. I was just going on and on…and then I woke up. Unfortunately. It was way too soon, I was so not ready for it to be over. But I guess I’ll always feel that way about this whole deal. It was neat to see his expressions…he looked very satisfied and genuinely happy. The twinkle in his eye made me smile.

It was a good dream.


2 Responses to “Really? Wow.”

  1. Corie July 20, 2010 at 1:02 pm #

    I love, love this blog. I sometimes try to “will” myself to have a dream with my mom in it just to hear her voice. I came across your dad’s cell phone number in my phone the other day…I just can’t bring myself to erase it. I hope he visits you again soon.

  2. Christy July 21, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    Wow…What a great gift. I think God allows us to have these sort-of super-natural things sometimes just to remind us He hears the desires of our heart.

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