First day of…Spring?

21 Mar

The first day of Spring here in Texas, well…it wasn’t very Spring-like to say the least. In fact, this is what our front yard looked like first thing this morning…

And it continued to snow all day long! 30’s & snowing today. 65 & sunny  tomorrow. Crazy! So needless to say, we’ve remained indoors all weekend.  But, regardless of the weather..the weekend has been a great one…

Ryan is working audio at another show at the college – this time its the Apache Belles Spring Show. He had rehearsal all day yesterday & will be busy w/that all week…which is always bitter sweet -because we miss him so much when he’s not home, but he does get paid extra for it! So yesterday, the girls & I stayed home all day in our pj’s – relaxing & lazy…but we were also very productive! Addi & Kam drew a few pictures, we organized their toy room, cuddled & watched a movie on the couch, cleaned house, did laundry, redecorated the master bath, etc. Then, we went up to take Daddy a coffee & check out the rehearsals, which the girls LOVED watching the “dancing girls” as Addi calls them. We look forward to seeing the Spring Show later this week!

Look at these artists in the making…

Extreme Makeover: Toy Room Edition

The weather & Belle’s rehearsals this weekend have interfered with my running schedule…in fact, I haven’t run at all this entire weekend. Normally, I wouldn’t care too much about this…but the Azalea 10k is next Saturday! However, I did run 5 miles last weekend & 3 miles two times this week – so I’m certain I can handle 6. Just not quite as ready as I’d like to  be. And I know I’m not ready for the hills! Should be a blast regardless though! Hopefully the azaleas will start blooming before next weekend…should be a beautiful run. For those of you participating, feel free to park in front of our house & walk over to Bergfeld Park, where the starting line will be. Also, a group of us are going to grab some breakfast after the race at The Eatery in Bergfeld Center…feel free to join us! The more the merrier.

Hope you all have a great first week of Spring!


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