Updates with Pics

11 Mar

We have been without internet at the house for about a week now. Its amazing how you feel so out of the loop and in the dark when you aren’t online!  But we are hooked back up & back in action now. I’ve been meaning to post some pics for a while, so some of these go back several weeks…but hey, better late than never right? Soooo….here are some recent (and slightly random) happenings around the Dixon household…

> Grandma & Grandaddy Dixon sent a box full of goodies for Valentine’s Day….we love boxes that arrive on our doorstep from Virginia! The girls loved their cute cards, pink purses, new bears, toenail polish & girly lotion/bath sets…and Mommy & Daddy enjoyed the chocolates.

> Ryan recently did all of the audio for the musical, Singing in the Rain, up at the college where he works. He hooked us up with some free tickets and I took the girls, along with my friend Cristy & her beautiful twins. It was a lot of fun & all of the girls enjoyed it! Addi was a little disappointed because she thought she was going to be the one dancing & singing on the stage…not just watching from the crowd!

> My cousin Christi has two little boys with birthdays close together. Brody & Mitch had a combined birthday party at McD’s and the girls had a great time playing with their cousins! Plus, they loved the cake & icecream & the kazoos.

> Grandma Clark bought Kam & Addi some new sleeping gowns last weekend and they LOVE to wear their “dresses” to bed. I mean really, I know I’m biased – but does it get any cuter? And notice how they are just about the same height these days.

> With the warmer temperatures & Spring in the air, we have been spending a lot more time outside & loving it! Walking around our neighborhood, taking a jog with the new stroller at the trails, or just hanging out & playing in the yard is a fave around here this time of year. Ryan & I have made a goal for ourselves to become more “neighborly” and really reach out & befriend those living in our area. We moved into this house last Fall and the cold weather hasn’t really allowed for much outdoor time until now…so we’re hoping to intentionally get out & get to know those living around us this Spring. We have a cookout in the works w/our next door neighbors…they have little ones too (and an awesome meat smoker that Ryan secretly hopes to borrow on occasion).

> My little brother Jeff recently moved to Tyler. It is still crazy to me that he is in college now…much less living in his own house! Makes me feel so old. Little Jeffrey is growing up! Here is a pic that my mom took at one of our normal Sunday lunches at their house…us with Jeff & his sweet girlfriend Amy.

> Is anyone else having a hard time believing that its already March? Much less mid-March! 2010 is seriously flying by. On New Year’s Eve, I posted this blog with my 2010 Resolutions. For those of you holding me accountable, here is an update for you…

  • I’m on track with my “Everyday Bible” reading plan. I’ve missed a day here & there, but caught up the next day. I have to be honest…I LOVE IT. Reading every day has become like an addiction for me. I can’t wait to get up & read. It has been SO good for me in my walk with Christ. Even reading through Leviticus. 🙂
  • As for running…we are training now for the upcoming Azalea 10k that is at the end of this month here in Tyler. Also, Ryan, Dad, and I are all registered for the Capitol 10k in Austin in April. Two 10k’s back to back should be a lot of fun! Once I get those under my belt, I’ll start upping my mileage and start preparing for the next half.

I guess that’s about it for now…I apologize for the randomness of this post. Have a great weekend friends!

One Response to “Updates with Pics”

  1. hallye March 12, 2010 at 5:05 pm #

    Loved the random post! On our way back to civilization after a nice break…thanks for the update on the cute Dixon family!

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