Move that bus!

18 Feb

The show Extreme Makeover Home Edition is here in Tyler! They had the kickoff this morning and are surprising the family & starting the build next week. How cool is that?! I went with some co-workers to the kickoff event this morning and it was SO cool. I don’t know about you, but I can’t watch that show without crying. Well, being at today’s event was no different! Cue the tears. Listening to the guy who created the show share, watching vidoes from past builds, hearing from the design team, and seeing so many people from our community rallying together to help a family in need…it was very moving. I am pumped to see all of this transpire next week here in Tyler and help out & get involved when/where I can. They will also be collecting cans of food for the East Texas Food Bank during this process as well as accepting blood donations. If you live near or around Tyler and can help in some way -you should! There is a website dedicated to this specific Tyler episode, you can view it here and get all the details, dates & even sign up to volunteer for a specific time slot.


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