21 Jan

So far 2010 has been super busy and there hasn’t been much time for blogging. January has flown by. So for those of you that read this blog, I apologize for slacking! Here are some random updates on what’s been going on with the Dixon fam…

*I got a promotion at work. Yay! I’m now doing account management and some new business development. Loving it!

*Jen, Ryan & I are attending the Mac Expo in San Francisco in February. Woot!

*We are praying daily for Amos Ivey to come home. And come home SOON.

*Kamryn can count to ten in Spanish. Adorable!

*Addi is obsessed with ballerinas & cheerleaders…she’s definitely a girly girl. I’m thinking about enrolling her into a dance class this summer.

*We are sad that football season is coming to an end, but stoked that the new season of 24 has started! Jack Bauer is my hero.

*Jen is working from home now & loving it…you can keep up with her on her blog here.

*Can’t stop thinking about the people of Haiti and all that they are going through right now.

*Will register soon for the Azalea 10k here in Tyler coming up in March & super excited that one of my best friend’s Ashley is coming down from Lubbock to run it with us!

*If you haven’t checked out Ryan’s blog yet, you should…he has some awesome posts.

*So thankful for our church & our community group. We are establishing some great friendships. Refreshing to be a part of something real & relevant.

*Enjoying running lately while listening to podcasts from The Austin Stone. And I’ve also enjoyed running just to run. Not to train.

*Sad about all of the church fires around East Texas…up to 7 now over the past couple of weeks. Geez. The last one in Tyler was on our street…you can see a pic on Ryan’s blog.

*Tornadoes touched down in Tyler and surrounding areas last night…scary! Crazy times in the world lately.

*Still on track with my daily Bible reading plan – and I have to say, the more I read, the more I want to read. I look forward to it each morning.

That’s all I got for now! Tomorrow’s Friday…YES! Have some extra fun things planned for the weekend…will try to post some new pics soon. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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