Raising great kids.

16 Jan

Ryan & I attended a parenting conference at our church this past Thursday evening. Dr. Tim Kimmel taught on “Raising your Kids for Greatness” and it was AWESOME. He really brought to light some things I’ve never thought about before. Ryan & I really take this parenting thing seriously. Honestly, one of our biggest fears is that we do not want to mess up. God has given us these two precious girls to raise and sometimes, we don’t know what the heck we are doing! Its definitely a learn-as-you-go process. So we figured, we should go to this conference & see what this guy has to say…after all, we appreciate all the extra help we can get. It was very eye-opening & I’m SO glad we went.

In a nutshell, he said that you should not parent to have successful kids, but rather parent your kids to greatness. Let me explain. “Success” in the world today is measured by: wealth, power, fame, beauty. He said anyone can parent to success – even non-Christians can do this & many do it well. Parenting towards “greatness” is what our goal should be. The definition of greatness that he gave: a passionate love for Jesus Christ that shows itself an unquenchable love and concern for others. Wow.

Also, he talked about how there are a lot of different parenting styles out there that work from the outside-in…sin-management parenting or fear-based parenting,  for example. A lot of parenting books out there focus on behavioral modification or discipline. Being over-protective, living out of fear, bombarding your kids with what not to do. He said, “you’re kids are going to sin because…you gave birth to a sinner!” Of course, discipline is PART of parenting, but what he suggests is a different kind of approach…Grace-based parenting. To work from the inside-out. This approach is taken straight from the best parent of all time, the ultimate parent-of-the-year….God himself. This basically is treating your kids how God treats His kids. Think about that for a sec….if this is how you approach parenting, would it not just totally change everything?  I know that I for one  am grateful for the grace that God shows me daily! I should be showing that same grace to my kids – what an awesome way to show love and teach them. Showing your kids the love of Christ with your own life on a daily basis, especially under stress. Connecting to the heart of your child, not just the head. Inside-out. He said, “your children are looking at your heart for God.” Again, wow.

Parenting is so rewarding and has been an amazing experience thus far. Addi & Kam are awesome and I am a blessed momma! And oh how thankful I am to have Ryan by my side through this incredible journey! He’s an amazing daddy. I was looking back at pics today from the holidays and this one totally made me smile. Here is my strong, manly man, handsome husband making a pretty candy necklace for our daughter. Cute. He always says that he’s surrounded by pink…but he wouldn’t change it for the world. 🙂 I love him. I love my girls. I hope & pray Ryan & I can raise them to greatness!


One Response to “Raising great kids.”

  1. Grandaddy Dixon January 25, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    This past Christmas holiday Addi and Kamryn were so much fun! Amazing creativity, imagination, understanding, energy and joy bundled up in two wonderful little girls.

    Every time we have the pleasure of spending time with you two I always say to Mom how amazed and proud I am of how involved and patient Ryan (my favorite number 1 son) is in the lives of your sweet girls. (There is also alot of help from your family too.)

    This past Christmas I saw first hand a “firm but fair” approach in Ryan dealing with them in a variety of situations. You work very well together. As a couple you are definately on the right track. I especially appreciate that you both still want to pursue God’s plan and insights.

    Lots of Love to All,

    Grandaddy Dixon

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