Our Holiday Happenings

23 Dec

Today is my last day of work until 2010 – YES! Ryan has been off since last Friday. Well…not really “off”, since he’s had to take care of sick kids & a sick wife for the past several days – poor thing! Not really what he planned for his days off.  🙂 Love you honey!

We are so excited to have this extended time off to spend extra time with the fam. Ryan’s parents are flying in from Virginia today at noon. We can’t wait to see them!!! Its been way too long. The girls are excited to see Grandma & Grandaddy Dixon. We plan to show them around Tyler, take them to some of our favorite restaurants, cook some of our fav meals for them*, and just enjoy spending time together.

Tomorrow, for Christmas Eve, we will spend it at my parents house…a big feast & opening presents. Then, we will head home so Santa can pay a visit to the girls. Christmas morning, I will attempt, for the first time ever, to make chocolate gravy & biscuits.* I have to say, I’m nervous. My mom usually makes it – and its always awesome! So I have some big shoes to fill. Then, we’ll cook Christmas dinner at our house for the whole Dixon crew.* We are thinking Mexican or Italian food to change things up a little.

Saturday, is the big Skinner Family Christmas…where the WHOLE family joins together for lunch in Quitman. I’m talking 50+ people here…its nuts, but good times!

Then, next week – relaxation, chilling, and then more resting. Stoked about this, for sure.

I love Christmas!!! I am thankful for my amazing family. I am especially thankful for Jesus and His love for us. This year has been special because Addi is really starting to understand this whole Christmas thing…and when she sings Silent Night, it melts my heart. Wow, I am blessed!

Here is a pic of the girls in front of the big tree downtown on the square. We put on our pj’s, made hot cocoa, threw in a Christmas CD, and drove around looking at lights last night. One of the many holiday traditions we have started this year!

*Note all the references to cooking. We watched Julie & Julia last night and now I can’t wait to get in the kitchen!!! Great flick & motivation for those who love to cook.


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