Big weekend!

11 Dec

This weekend is going to be awesome! The White Rock Half Marathon is here! Hard to believe it…we’ve talked about this race for months & months now, and December 13th seemed so far away. But somehow, it has seriously snuck up on us and off we go! Ryan, Dad and I (along with some other friends from all over) will be participating this year.

We will head to Dallas tomorrow for the big event. The kiddos are staying with Grandma while Mommy & Daddy go run their tushes off. A little night away for us will be an added bonus! On our way up to the Big D, we are meeting up with our good friends, Matt & Rachel Obenhaus for coffee. They will just happen to be in Mesquite (all the way from New Hampshire) visiting family, so yay – we get to see them & their adorable daughter, Ellie! Then, we will head on down to the Dallas Convention Center for the Race Expo. Over 100 fitness/health/running-related vendors & that is also where we will pick up our race packets…fun times! I love walking through and trying the different natural peanut butter, Cliff bar, granola and yogurt samples. Then, Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner to carb up! We are staying with my cousin Danny & his sweet new wife Kelly Saturday evening. Early to bed and early to rise…the race starts at 8 a.m. Sunday morning!

If you are interested (and/or really bored), there is a way to track us during the race. You can sign up here to get either text or email updates when we run past certain points along the route & when we cross the finish line (oh happy day)…kind of neat! My IT band/knee is still bothering me, so I’m hoping it doesn’t give me too much grief on my run. I have been stretching it like a mad woman this week! I have to say that the foam roller, that everyone talks about on the Runner’s World forums I have read regarding IT band issues,  really works – it hurts like no other, but it definitely helps!

I’m super excited (and nervous already) about running the Rock. Stay tuned for updates & pics. And if you are also participating in the race – good luck & enjoy it!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


One Response to “Big weekend!”

  1. Brooke Schumacher December 11, 2009 at 6:23 pm #

    Good luck!!!!!

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