Parties Galore

25 Oct

Another eventful weekend! They say (whoever “they” are) that this time of year has more parties than any of the other months. I believe it! Showers, parties, festivals, OH MY!

We went to my cousin Kacie’s wedding shower this weekend in Quitman. Our family is growing like crazy! Weddings & new babies have been the theme of the Skinner clan recently. Its awesome! We also went to Jeff’s birthday dinner at my parents house on Saturday night…can’t believe this guy is 19. Wow, that makes me feel old.


This evening, we took the girls to the Block Party across the street from our house at the park. Our church, along with several other Tyler churches, put on this event each year for Halloween. Our community group did the ring toss booth as well. It was fun! The girls wore their new costumes, courtesy of Grandma Clark. Addi was a princess (shocker) and Kamryn was Snow White.






Next weekend, for Halloween, we will head to Q-town for Trunk or Treat on Lane Street….another round of costume-wearing, candy-eating fun! Then, its date night for Ryan & I! Not sure what we’ll do yet…we have been invited to a costume party & we may go catch a scary movie. Yay, I love date nights! A lot going on this time of year….hard to believe Thanksgiving & Christmas are just around the corner.

On another note, we will be registering for Dallas White Rock 1/2 marathon this week. Which means, we will be stepping up our training over the next couple of months. Since San Fran, we’ve been steady with our running routine, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get back up to 13.1 by December. Plus, we have the Turkey Trot (8 miles) coming up on Thanksgiving day. The cooler weather has been awesome for running!

Have a great week friends & family! Love to all.



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