the pledge, the tumble bus, and the tooth catostrophe

20 Sep

the pledge…

first of all, i must say – i am SO proud of addi and all that she is learning at her fabulous school! the other night, my parents were over & after we finished dinner, addi just busted out with this…

how awesome is that?!!! i knew they had started working on the pledge at school, but had no idea that she had it memorized already…i was so very impressed. it brought tears to my eyes!

the tumble bus…

aunt jen bought addi a month of tumble bus playtime. the tumble bus is an old school bus converted into a mini gymnastics area for small children (ages 3 & up). they teach them the basics of tumbling, stretching, and exercise. it comes to the girl’s school every friday and addi loves it! the teacher said that she was so impressed with how addi does all the stretches perfectly. which of course adds to this momma’s proudness factor. here are some pics of last friday’s tumble bus experience that aunt jen joined her for.









the tooth catostrophe…

today, after a great service at church, the girls and i were sitting in the atrium area waiting for ryan (who’s been running sound a few sunday’s a month). well, addi was sitting on a bench one minute and the next thing i know she’s face down on the floor crying. poor baby fell right on her face & busted her teeth & lip! she knocked her front two teeth up into her gums and busted her lip, so she was bleeding for a while. luckily, no teeth were busted out – but one of them is sort of protruding now, so we will take her to the dentist tomorrow and see what’s up. it doesn’t feel loose…maybe its just like this b/c her gums are swollen? hopefully it will all be ok. i think i cried as much as she did! from what i’ve read and heard, gums will tighten back up and the tooth will fix itself and reposition correctly for the most part. i just hope & pray there is not root damage or anything. please say a little prayer for my baby. she was such a little trooper today…again, proud momma.

and i’ll leave you with this (don’t want to leave my kam kam out)…the cutest little recorder player you’ll ever see!



2 Responses to “the pledge, the tumble bus, and the tooth catostrophe”

  1. Denise Hansen Westerman September 21, 2009 at 12:40 am #

    What a smart, talented, adorable child Addi is!! Her cousin Denise is very very proud of her! My grandson did the same thing to his tooth. It turned brown for awhile but now it is doing fine…however, she is in my prayers :)…and Kamryn IS the cutest little flute player I’VE ever seen !!!

  2. Christy Bynum September 21, 2009 at 9:16 am #

    The video: That was amazing!!!! I’m so proud of her!

    Glad she got to go to the tumble bus (Yay Aunt Jen!) :0)

    I’m so sorry about her teeth! Ouch, poor baby! I would have cried too…

    And Kam definitely is the cutest recorder player ever!

    Love you guys!

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