san fran: day 2 (in pictures)

26 Jul

due to my current exhaustive state, this post will be less verbage & more photos.  i’m so beat and ready to crash, but wanted to post about our day. we did it! 13.1 accomplished this morning. race started at 5:30 and everyone did awesome. ryan & ross ran the whole thing together & jen & I ran most of it together…memory maker for sure. here is a shot before & one after the race:



after resting & napping, we went back into the city for a tour of alcatraz…man, that place is fascinating.











follow that up with eating dinner in ghiradelli square at lori’s diner & then devouring a huge sundae at ghiradelli’s chocolate factory!



and course, we can never come to san fran without taking a drive down the famous lombard street.  what a wild street! i can’t imagine living in one of these houses…



ok, seriously gotta go to bed…having a hard time keeping my eyes open. tomorrow…on to napa! nighty night.


3 Responses to “san fran: day 2 (in pictures)”

  1. Aunt Debbie July 27, 2009 at 7:01 am #

    Just checking in, you guys are awesome! Hope you are having a great time.


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