the 4th, our new cutting board, and 13.1 miles

5 Jul

i love long weekends! we always enjoy any extra time we have to spend together as a family & loving on our baby girls. yesterday, we went to my parents for a cookout to celebrate the 4th.  my little brother grilled, mom made a homeade chocolate cake, and ryan cooked some tasty blackeyed peas. my dad recently built the girls a swing set in their backyard…they love it & have a such blast swinging…or as kam says, “ming!” here a few pics from last night.








my dad gave us a gift last night while we were there….he built us an oak cutting board for our new home! look at the size of this thing…how awesome! that’s what i would call a legit chopping block. he knows how we love to cook. thanks dad!


update on the running front…jen & i ran 13.1 miles this morning! it was an ok run. the first 10 miles were actually pretty enjoyable…the last 3, not so much. but yay for us being able to accomplish this since our san fran race/vacation is on the horizon. ryan did his 13 last weekend. its good to know it can still be done. next weekend, we will taper down a bit on the mileage. then, on the 18th, we are running in the too hot to handle 15k in dallas. then, the very NEXT weekend, we leave for san francisco & the half marathon is on the 26th!!! other races we will most likely do this year include the tyler half and the white rock half in dallas. anyone else in the area doing any of these races?

that’s it for now. time to help ryan cook dinner…13.1 miles makes a person starved!!!


2 Responses to “the 4th, our new cutting board, and 13.1 miles”

  1. ryan July 7, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    i just hate how the family pic makes me look like my arm is dis-jointed.

  2. Aunt Debbie July 7, 2009 at 4:26 pm #

    Finally! Got to your blog – it is very cool and so informative – now I will visit daily. Very happy about the move to Tyler, I know you all will be so much happier! Oh yeah, tell my much older brother, I want a cutting board too!! Love ya all

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