My birthday cake.

31 May

Ryan made this “Ultimate Chocolate Cake” for my for my birthday cake…what a sweetheart! He knows how much I love chocolate cake, so he had determined he was going to make me one from scratch after we got back home from Dallas. The recipe he wanted to try was an Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) recipe that we saw on Food Network one day a while back. Its kind of funny b/c he had made a list of all the ingredients to buy for it for our grocery trip to Central Market. When we got there, we found this…


Yep, everything you need (minus the butter, eggs & oil) already in a box! Saved us a lot of time and probably money on ingredients. How convenient! Add it to the list of reasons I love Central Market. He baked it for me last night after we got home from our trip. Here’s my piece that I enjoyed with a tall glass of cold milk! YUMMY! My husband is the sweetest. 


Of course all day today, Addi has been saying that its her birthday cake b/c, as she says, “addi’s birthday comes up next!” We even had to sing happy birthday to her today after lunch before she had her piece of cake. 🙂


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