prehistoric conversation.

19 May

Allow me to set the scene…we are driving to work this morning after dropping the girls off. I’m tired, dazed & drinking coffee. We approach a red light and BAM out of no where our car is rolling over what appears to be something small, something stiff, something dead in the middle of the road….and of course, I get the shivers!  YUCK!  Reminder to all, that I recently ran over a turtle & seems like roadkill is everywhere these days on our runs in the woods. Ok, now to the conversation b/w me & my loving husband…

traci: “ew! yuck! what is that????!”

ryan: “its a dinosaur.”

traci (still grossed out): “ew…a toy?”

ryan: “no (smirking)…a real one.”

traci: “shut up!!!”

ryan: “hahahaha”

WHATEVER. Who would have thought that a small, plastic TOY dinosaur would make for such disgusting road kill!  🙂  Smarty pants.


One Response to “prehistoric conversation.”

  1. Vicki May 20, 2009 at 8:28 am #

    Gotta love smart alleck husbands….I’ve got one too. Perfect to ruin the days you actually feel smart! ;o)

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