a plethora of pics

10 May

Addi loves her daddy…in fact, tomorrow is designated as “Addi & Daddy Day”….Ryan has the day off, so they are going to hang out & have fun…just the two of them. And can I just say that I love this daddy too!!!


Do you think this one loves stickers? 🙂


I am not sure why we even invest money into toys when laundry baskets and empty paper bags work great!




Kamryn happy & smiling, as usual…


How precious is this? Big sis reading lil sis a book before bed!


Here are my cutie pies in the new dresses Grandma C. got them…


Today, Addi has said, “Happy Mudders Days!” a billion times & it has made me smile every time! I absolutely love being a mommy…it really is the coolest. And I’m so thankful for my mom and all the love she gives! Happy Mother’s Day to all my “mom” friends out there…hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!



One Response to “a plethora of pics”

  1. ashley May 10, 2009 at 10:15 pm #

    what precious girls! love the pics. hope you had an awesome mudders day!

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