early morning thoughts

29 Apr

sitting here in the quiet, drinking coffee & listening to the birds chirp (and one random rooster cockadoodle-doo’n)…

yesterday was nanny’s graveside service. it went really well…she was a loved woman and it was obvious that we all felt loved by her through all the kind words that were spoken. i’m so blessed to be a part of such a great family. even though there is a ton of us, we are very close…and that is due to the way nanny & grandpa & memaw & papaw loved us all and taught us all how to be a family. very cool stuff. 

addi has been singing a lot recently. she’s learned some new songs at school. there is nothing sweeter than singing “open the eyes of my heart” with your two year old before bed and her belting out “holy, holy, holy.” she is a doll.

kamryn & addi both are doing awesome at school now. no tears, for the most part, when we leave them anymore. we figured out the trick was to actually give them to a teacher to hold while we were leaving…not to set them down standing alone. if they are being held, the are fine! in fact yesterday, the same teacher was holding both of them when we left and addi said, “bye mommy & daddy!” and kam waved…both smiling. 🙂

may 1st is approaching soon & that is when official training will begin for the 1/2 marathon…yikes, i better get ready! it is right at 3 months away now.

ok, time to wake up the girls & get them ready for school…happy wednesday!


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