a double whammy

9 Apr

sweet little kam kam woke up this morning with pink eye in BOTH eyes!!! i had to work today, so ryan stayed home w/her & i took addi to school b/c it was easter egg hunt day. ryan took kam to the dr. only to find out that not only does she have pink eye, but an ear infection also! what a double whammy, poor thing. her eyes are real swollen and gooped up…and she is just still as happy as she can be…playing, singing, dancing…being her happy little self. what a doll. i hope & pray that she is better tomorrow & hopefully addi doesn’t get it. ryan feels like he may be getting it in one of his eyes…oh i hope not. i hate pink eye!


One Response to “a double whammy”

  1. Jennifer April 9, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

    aww, poor baby!! I hope she gets healed up quickly! And I hope you guys don’t get pink eye. I had it last year and it was not fun. I had to go to the doc and get eye drops. If he feels like he’s getting it tell him to just do some warm, wet rags on it every so often. If it starts to get goopy, he’s probably got it too & will need the drops. (maybe he could just use Kamryn’s eye drops)

    Pink eye stinks!

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