today’s pics

8 Apr


kamryn woke up at 6:45 today! i guess they are used to getting up early these days. so much for sleeping in on my day off! it was so adorable, kam woke up & addi was still asleep, so i just took her in bed w/me. she laid on my chest for probably twenty minutes as i dozed back to sleep. then, she looked up and planted a huge slobbery kiss right on my lips as if to say, “i’m so glad you are here with me this morning!” it was heart-warming & one of those tender moments that makes being a mom so amazing. and so worth getting up early for! 🙂

we had chocolate fudge poptarts for breakfast…i usually don’t prefer to give them poptarts b/c of all the sugar. but every now & then we’ll have them…and they LOVED the chocolate ones!


below is a pic of them playing inside their toy box. one of their favorite things to do is to take out every single toy they have and then play inside the box! oh, and you may be wondering…why the red dresses again? well…seems like anytime we are hanging out at home, addi always requests to wear a dress! she is such a girly girl…she says, “momma, i need to wear a dress!” and the red dresses are the most comfortable ones they have…good for lounging around the house.


this afternoon, after running some errands, we went to visit the library. the girls love to go there and play w/all the puzzles and stuffed animals. they aren’t really into reading the books there yet, unfortunately. they love to read books at home, but at the library…they would rather play w/anything other than the books! while we were there, kamryn thought she had scored when she found an old animal cookie on the floor…lovely. no telling how long it had been there or what kind of germs were all over it! but before i could even get her mouth opened to attempt to get it out, she had chewed it all up and swallowed most of it. yuck!!!


addi will be 3 in a little over 4 months…how crazy is that??? she is already such a tween. she is growing up so fast…and kamryn is just right behind her!


2 Responses to “today’s pics”

  1. ashley April 8, 2009 at 6:40 pm #

    so glad you got a day off with the girls! They are growing so fast

  2. Vicki April 8, 2009 at 7:25 pm #

    I thoroughly enjoyed your day off pics! Glad you got some ‘girl’ time! I miss your blogs more than you know! Hope all is well!

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