finding the time to run

31 Mar

our schedules are booked up nowadays w/the new jobs, leaving little to no time to run, which will be a challenge. for example, today…we leave the house early to head to lindale to drop the girls off at school (*kamryn in tears), then head to tyler…i drop ryan off at his work and then head to work myself . off at 5, head back to lindale to pick up my sweethearts (*kamryn in tears), then back home, cook dinner, eat, head to jeff’s baseball game, go to grocery store, then home, girls’ baths & to bed, clean up kitchen, do dishes, get the girls’ stuff ready for school tomorrow, sit down to check email & blog=9:30. yikes!!! oh when oh when shall i find time to run??? SO, i think what we will have to do is move the treadmill that is at my parent’s house back over to our house so that we can fit in a run either EARLY morning (barf) or LATE at night (yuck). then, our longer runs will have to be over the weekends. this new schedule has been quite an adjustment for our whole family, but things are going really well!!! just gotta fit in running into the new arrangement…can’t start slacking – still have the san fran 1/2 to prepare for coming up at the end of july. 

 *yes, kamryn is having a hard time adjusting to going to school. poor baby cries when i leave her, cries when i pick her up. PLEASE pray that she will begin to enjoy it and have fun while she’s there…oh how it would help this momma’s heart not hurt so much every morning when i head to work!!! here’s a pic from the weekend of her enjoying grandma’s chili…



One Response to “finding the time to run”

  1. Vicki April 2, 2009 at 9:44 am #

    I will keep miss Kamryn in my prayers, and you too. Have you asked her caregivers if she stops crying when you are gone? I’ve been told my numerous parents that their children bawl their eyes out UNTIL they leave….maybe that will help you feel better knowing it’s a show for her mommy?!

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