we’ve made it!

25 Mar

well, we have officially made it through two days of work & the girls going to school! i’m off today and tomorrow, then work again on friday. from now until may, my work schedule will be kind of random. some weeks i will work all week and others will just be three or four days. but in may, i’ll be officially full-time. its a blessing to have a few days off during the week at first, so the girls aren’t at school every day…kind of easier to transition that way. everything is going great so far! we are really liking the education center we picked for addi & kam. addi absolutely loves it! she is so hyper and talkative when we pick her up…its a hoot. kam is adjusting…she has never been away from us, so she is struggling a little with it. but overall, they are both doing awesome, which makes it easier on us for sure! the people there are great. i’m enjoying my new job…the first few days are always the hardest because you feel as though your brain will explode with all the new stuff you learn! but the people seem very nice and i think it will be great. i do have to say that we are all beat! getting up early again has been a challenge. neither ryan or i are morning people…so its quite the adjustment! but its all good and we are thankful and excited about our new opportunities. we’ll all adjust to this new life soon! 🙂 say a little prayer for my sweet baby kamryn that she will adapt quickly and start to have fun like her sister does while at school.


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