i heart saturdays

21 Mar

today was such a good day! we had pancakes (or pantycakes as addi calls them) for breakfast. ryan mowed the yard while the girls & i played outside enjoying the beautiful sunlight. we went & visited grandma & papaw for a little bit…they were having a very successful garage sale. then, while the girls napped, i cleaned out & began to better organize our closet. moving out winter clothes, to make more room…got rid of some things i never wear…organized shoes, etc. tonight, we had fajitas for dinner…ryan cooked all of it & it was awesome! we had chicken, pulled pork, onions & bell peppers, ranchero beans, creamy jalapeno, homeade salsa and chips. we also had double doozies for dessert….two mini chocolate chip cookies w/frosting in the middle…YUM. um, yeah…running 8 miles tomorrow to make up for all of this! now, the girls are peacefully sleeping and we are chilling about to watch a movie. relaxing day…i love saturdays! and i love this awesome spring weather. trying to relax as much as possible before the craziness begins next week w/both of us working again, the girls at school, early mornings, late nights, etc!


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