sweet basil

17 Mar


we got another basil plant this weekend. such a great buy if you use basil a lot like we do (thanks for the tip jennifer!).  we put it on our pizzas, in our pastas, on bruschetta bread, really anything italian that we cook. this big plant, filled with huge beautiful leaves, was only $10 at lowe’s.  at the grocery store, it costs nearly $3 for just a few leaves! so it is well worth the money…and it keeps providing until next winter. its an easy plant to keep too. water it a few times a week, set it in direct sunlight, and it will continue to grow. believe me, if i can keep it alive, anyone can…i do not have the greenest of thumbs! and its so handy to just go out back and pick what you need for whatever you are cooking that night. we are probably going to buy some flat leaf parsley and cilantro and have a little herb garden this spring. fresh herbs really do add so much flavor to food!


One Response to “sweet basil”

  1. Jennifer Dancer March 17, 2009 at 2:11 pm #

    Way to go Traci!!! You’re quite the little gardener now! I’m proud of you!! 🙂

    I can’t wait for it to get warm enough here so I can get my fresh herbs and put them on my porch!! I’m dying for some basil and parsley!! I think this year I’m also going to try some cilantro, jalapeno pepper plants, and a tomato plant to put in a pot. My deck is going to be full of plants.

    A tip for your parsley, keep it in the shade, it burns easy.

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