potty training 101

3 Mar

over the past few weeks, we have ventured out unto unknown territory…potty training a 2 year old! at first, it was very frustrating because it seemed like no matter how hard we tried, how much we talked about it, addi just did not want to go on the big girl potty. but this week we have made some huge steps and i’m one proud momma! today alone she has gone tee-tee four times on the potty!!! you should see how proud she is of herself…she smiles from ear to ear. as a reward, we keep a small bowl of m&m’s in the bathroom. every time she goes, she gets one…an incentive. something that has also seemed to help her “get it” is letting her wear panties during the day, instead of a diaper…when she has an accident, she realizes that she should have told us she needed to go b/c its all over her. its still very much a work in progess, but hey…at least there IS some progress this week! if you have any tips for me on this endeavor, i’d love to hear them.


One Response to “potty training 101”

  1. Vicki March 3, 2009 at 4:01 pm #

    Stick with it! Sounds like you are doing a great job! We are 2 or 3 months into it (I decided to stop counting, all it did was make me pressure myself) and we still have to stay on top of her at times….but mainly when she’s playing with friends or watching a favorite movie….she gets busy and forgets! When I stay on top of it she never misses!

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