story time

17 Feb


our girls make us laugh daily. they are so much fun! they can be stinkers at times, but what kids aren’t right? here are a couple of cute stories i thought i’d share to brighten your day…

now that the girls share a room, they tend to “talk”, play, laugh, etc for about 20-30 minutes before actually falling asleep. some nights, it takes longer and some disciplinary action has to be taken. the other night, they had been in there for probably one hour or longer and it was all quiet. so we assumed, they were fast asleep. wrong! i started to hear a little squeak coming from their room. squeak…squeak….so, i walked in to find addi reading a book (you know, the kind that you push the plastic animal on each page and it squeaks)….and kamryn was standing up in her crib reading the hugest book ever! it was seriously like as tall as she is. all of this in the dark, in silence! apparently addi had distributed books out for their secret reading time…there were like 5 books piled in kam’s crib. silly girls! i busted out laughing when i saw this…it was just way too cute. 

here are some funny things addi has said recently that made us laugh. she is so hilarious…

-ryan says, “whoa nelly” to which addi responds, “furtado!”

-today, ryan took kamryn to get shots and when they were walking out the door, addi say, “i love you tamaren…have a good shots!”

-during a recent nap time, i had to go in and discipline addi b/c she would not stop talking and go to sleep…as i was walking back out of their room, she says, “spank tamaren too” even though kamryn was laying down quietly in her bed. 🙂 so much for watching out for sissy’s back yet!

-now, every time she burps or toots, it has to be public knowledge, regardless of where we are. she will say, “mommy, i tooted!!!” loudly while laughing. or if you burp, she will say, “momma you burped!!!” again, loudly.

-the other day at walmart, she said “hi lady” to a random woman we passed in an aisle, then she says, “momma, i said hi to the lady” while the “lady” was still right there. i guess that is better than her saying, “momma that boy is silly!” about the grown man we just walked passed.

she says stuff, like this, every day that really cracks me up, i could go on & on!

one more story…today kamryn was playing with my keys. i said, “kamryn, can i have my keys?”  she walked over (mouth wide open) and planted a big kiss on me…she thought i had asked for a kiss.  🙂  what a doll! i felt really bad taking the keys away after that.

my babies are dolls and they bring so much joy to our lives!

here’s a pic of kamryn that makes me laugh…looks like she’s saying, “wassup???”



2 Responses to “story time”

  1. Christy February 18, 2009 at 10:53 am #

    HAHA! This hilarious – I love it!! You’re kids are entertaining. That pic of Kam is wonderful. It looks like she’s saying “What just happened here?!” to me. lol

  2. ashley February 18, 2009 at 1:25 pm #

    I love the last pic of Kamryn. So cute. Reading this makes me excited and nervous for when Grace starts talking. Who knows what that child is going to come up with! love you

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