burgers, house, and slide fun

26 Jan

ryan makes & grills the best burgers ever. seriously, they are amazing. beats any burger you can buy at any restaurant, hands down. thick, crunchy on the outside & juicy on the inside and so flavorful. i keep telling him he needs to enter in to a food network burger contest! here’s a pic of one from the other night…YUM!


here are a few shots of our temporary living establishment here at my sisters. we are settled in now. all we have left to do is clean up our old house before closing on wednesday afternoon!

ryan & i’s room (don’t mind the laundy on the bed!)


the girls little room that they SHARE! how cute is that? they actually slept all through the night last night…


the living room…


recently, as part of our nightly routine after baths, we have a dance party & play on the slide the girls got for christmas. addi and kamryn have SO much fun on this slide…kam even crawls up the ladder & goes down it all by herself now too! here are a few pics & a video of our sweet angels…




enjoy the video!


One Response to “burgers, house, and slide fun”

  1. ashley January 27, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

    Traci!! They are soooo big and grown up! I love the video. Kam looks so much like you and addi looks so much like ryan it’s unbelievable. We love and miss you guys!

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