moving phase 1

25 Jan

so today, we moved all of our stuff into my sister’s house & three-car garage (which now is only a one-car garage thanks to all of our stuff!). busy, long, and tiresome day but we are moved out of our old house & now temporarily here at jen’s. we have just a few more items left to get on lake drive and we have to clean….we close on wednesday afternoon. the girls are sharing a room here, which will be interesting! tonight has gone surprisingly well so far. we put them to bed & after a little consoling, tears, and prayers we finally got them both to settle down and all is quiet as of now. we’ll see how long it lasts! they are not used to being in the same room…so we’ll see. ryan & i have a huge nice master suite here. its a nice house, so we will enjoy the time we have here for sure. we are definitely thankful to jen for letting us crash here! we have applied to what seems like hundreds of jobs. ryan & i both feel like something good is going to happen soon…maybe after our house closes everything will start to fall into place? maybe we’ll get a call back on a job this week? maybe it will be in austin? maybe dallas? maybe tyler? maybe new york city? (just kidding mom) the not-knowing who, what, when, where or how is crazy, stressful, and trying…but at the same time, its very exciting! our life is literally not in our hands….it really never has been, but it truly feels now more than ever that it is all in God’s control. so that is extremely comforting. knowing that He knows our situation and He sees how hard we are trying & seeking…so we know that what happens tomorrow is what He wants to happen and is part of the plan. please continue to lift up the dixon’s in your prayers this week, if you don’t mind! we are very hopeful to hear some news VERY soon and have some direction VERY soon! how exciting! i’ll try to take some pics of our temporary digs & post them tomorrow.


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