proud mommy

18 Jan

ok, time to brag on my first born! addison is really such a smart, sweet-hearted little girl. wow, its weird to say little girl and not baby…but its true, she’s growing up so fast. i know i’ve said this before on this blog, but she really amazes us daily. her vocabulary is awesome for a 2 year old. she speaks in full sentences, has a memory like no other, and makes jokes that honestly are funny! the girl loves music and can remember lyrics to songs sometimes better than i can. the dr. told us that she has a vocabulary like a 4 year old! here are just a few phrases that she says lately that really crack us up:

“sure momma sure” (whenever you ask her if she wants something, like juice)

“absolutely!” (learned this from aunt jen)

“that’s the bomb dot com” (when she’s eating something she thinks is tasty) 

“that’s going to be wonderful” 

“hello love!” (thanks cody)

“OMG daddy!” (such a tween already!)

“hi precious” (she said this just a few days ago to kamryn & it was so sweet)

“you’re funny” or “that’s super silly” 

“i’m so glad to see you!” 

“did you have a good running?” (after me or ryan get back from a run)

addi is so much fun. there is never a dull moment with her around that’s for sure! and add kamryn into that mix & our house is crazy unless its nap time or after 7:30 pm. 🙂

here is a pic that was taken in my parent’s backyard. proud of my beautiful big girl!!!



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